Bunch of VIN Plates to reunite with owner

In the Bill Tracy inventory we purchased, there were a number of VIN plates that have been pulled from vehicles. Not sure why… I would like to reunite them with the owner of the corresponding vehicle (at no charge). Any suggestions on how to make sure that I’m sending them to the correct person?

Have them send a photo of the chassis number

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I too have quite a few original vin plates (mostly 120)I have collected over the years.
I am open to suggestions of how to get the chassis numbers listed here or maybe on xkdata.
Mike May

I suggest checking known records for a match. XKDATA.com a good place to start,

If anyone has the original plate from mine I would very much appreciate the opportunity to acquire it. Frame S680678 Engine W7296-8S Body J2685.

I, too, would like to find the original plate for my XK120 Chassis# S680320