Burman PAS box bleed screw

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When I rebuilt my late Burman PAS box, the leaks were mainly solved, but I have one from the bleed screw, which I am struggling to fix.

The bleed screw came with an oversize washer and what I thought was an o ring, but now I am thinking that this might be a Dowty seal or washer?
Can anyone confirm?


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Not sure when doughty seals came into existence, my box has a fibre washer on the bleed/level screw if thats any help.

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I believe that part is C2296/5 described as a filler plug washer, not anything special except for its dimensions.

(tony) #4

I would personally try some thread sealant, even teflon tape, on the threads to stop migration, and a fibre washer with Permatex non-setting, to seal the flat

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Thanks for the comments.

This is the bleed screw on the PAS box, so it should be a high pressure seal, so I would think it needs either a metal to metal or o ring/rubber in there somewhere?
I don’t think a fibre washer sounds right.
If I seal it up it will not work as a bleed screw?
I cannot find C2296/5 anywhere - I see C2296/2 which is a sump plug seal …

In the end I have sealed it with an o ring and have some 1/8" BSP dowty seals coming to see if they fit. The problem with using an o ring is that as soon as you try and use it as a bleed screw the seal seems to be destroyed. I have driven it around without bleeding it and there are no leaks - however, I still have slightly different steering response left and right, so would like to bleed.

The bits I am talking about are 14 and 15 in the diagram below, but I have no legend and don’t know where this came from - is a later version of the box than is in the workshop manual or Haynes manual.

Regards and thanks

(Rod Fyfe) #6

Hi David,
I have a Burman P/S box ex a 66 S Type. Not fitted as yet, needs reconditioning. I would be interested in anything you did to modify in order to ensure no leaks.
Rod, Adelaide, Aust.

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Hi Rod
The refurbishment was quite simple once I got into it, and got over the number of balls, rollers and o-rings. I may have been lucky, but only the bleed screw seems to be leaking so far. I used an o-ring/seal kit from one of the main suppliers (I can’t remember which), there were an awful lot of o-rings left over, but there are different types of Burman PAS box, so I guess the kit covered all of them …?
I did use some Loctite 510 on the covers just in case the o-rings did not do their job.

I have not got around to trying the dowty seal yet, but I am happy the rest does not leak.
I am still struggling to get to the bottom of slightly different steering effort and self centering between right and left. I am going to get all the suspension angles checked before I remove the thing again though.


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Thanks David. Guess SNG have kits?

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I checked and I got it from David Manners 8316* P.A.S.BOX SEAL KIT MK2 V8 S-TYPE


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