Burning foot from hot gas pedal

I guess I’m not the only one to experience a burning hot accelerator pedal in their E-Type when used for long trips. When my driving shoes become too tight, I take them off and use stockinged feet. The problem then is that the sheet metal accelerator pedal is so hot it burns my foot. Has anyone overcome this by applying some insulating material to the gas pedal, and if so what. Obviously, I’m wary of applying anything there that could come off and get jammed under the brake pedal.

Can’t help ya: cannot STAND driving in socks or barefoot!

I’m guessing that welding on small expanded metal is out of the question…:wink:


I guess you could put duct tape on your foot :wink:

Which “E” David I or II ?

I did 2 hour non stop drives in my SII and never experienced a hot accelerator pedal…


Series 2. Usually happens after driving 4+ hours at a stretch. I guess other than Oil Leak participants, not many us do that…

Hat in hand I humbly bow and salute you.
I never did (or could do) 4 straight hours…

I would guess that the only way for the gas pedal to get hot is from heat radiating and/or conducting up from the floor attachment point. Extra insulation or a small heat shield in that area and or some insulation under the attachment inside the cabin would likely solve the problem.

Done up to 8 hours in my E with no heat issues but it’s RHD so pedal further away from tunnel?

Rhd has a hanging pedal so no heat transfer from the floor. I prefer the feel of the rhd one but that may be just due to the shorter linkages. Someone on the forum mentioned that they had changed out their lhd pedal for a rhd one. Maybe they will comment.

My series 1 does not have any insulation and I’m thinking of adding some under carpets because it just gets too warm and uncomfortable on a trip longer than 30 mins.

I think some on firewall would go a long way too. Even if it’s not period correct.

Maybe the reason I’ve never noticed this (well, other than that I wear shoes) is that I have Koolmat on the footwell walls and on the floor, I think the pedal is bolted through it, IIRC. Then a layer of padding and the carpet.

It seems that no-one else has experienced this particular issue. I suspect that I will either have to modify the brake pedal, as others have, to give more clearance between it and the accelerator, so that I can wear more comfortable shoes, OR install a cruise control system so that my right foot can get a respite from being wedged against the hot tunnel panel and the pedal. I have some heat insulation installed in the footwell, but not the best. Maybe improving it may help too. Thanks everyone for their suggestions.

David,. I’d inspect your exhaust in that area. ( And you probably already have.). Maybe tape sheets of paper between the pipes and the floor. Idle for a little and look for hot spots. Good hunting.

I have a 69 OTS that I recently drove for 13 hours straight with one quick lunch stop. The last four hours was in 98 degree heat with bare feet. While my right leg ached and begged for cruise control the pedal never got hot. I installed Dynamat a few years ago but I don’t ever recall the pedal heating up. Whatever is wrong with your car it should be fixable.

I’m beginning to think that heat may not be the main issue. I felt the pedal after a 2 he drive and it doesn’t seem that hot. Maybe the continuous pressure on a very small spot on the sole of my foot when I remove my shoe is the source of the foot pain…

David, I have a ‘71 six cylinder coupe and I had the same problem. Solved it by gluing a piece of rubber matting (gray) that is sold at Home Depot for a work shop 3’ for runner. It is between one-quarter and 3/8" inch thick. Problem solved.
David Weir
Terry, MS

I think there used to be a rubber pedal cover for the gas pedal from one of the usuals.

David, I have a rubber pedal cover on my S2 (from SNG I think) and have never had a toasty gas pedal even after a non stop 400 mile drive.

Andy 69 FHC

Wait! There’s no way at our age you can go 400 miles non-stop without a bio break, ( or a fill up for the car)my wife gets a big kick out of all the guys headed to the restroom before heading out. Guess it’s payback for all the menopause jokes she heard.


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Install: A throttle cable to the carb with the control knob under the dash, (like the cars of yore).That would work like a poor man’s cruise control unit and would help with the fatigue issue as well.