Bush for throttle linkage?

Hi there,
See photo, hoping someone can advise what bush is needed to go here in the throttle linkage?

Many thanks

According to the SNG parts book that bush is in two parts

C3476 rubber bush

with inside that

C3477 metal bush

It would seem the metal bush is already attached to the connecting shaft … so you’re just looking for C3476 or any reasonable stand in for it.


See picture below. These are the parts you need.

Bob K.

Amazing, thanks gents - very helpful indeed

Joshua, you’ll be needing to get the throttle shaft into better alignment with the bush. Looks to be adequate adjustment available on the bracket.

There appears to be sufficient adjustment available, however transmission mount compression (120) or rear engine mounts compression (140) does cause linkage misalignment.

Thanks to all for the input.
I will obtain a bush, and you’re right - looks like the alignment could be sorted at same time - I hadn’t really noticed/thought of that.
(will check transmission mounts too…).

Out of interest - had a couple of very fun drives just pratting around in my neighbourhood over the weekend.
It’s a great car to drive, and never fails put a smile on my face.

(it never fails to get admiring smiles and thumbs up from on-lookers as well)

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