Buying 2006 xk 8

I am looking at buying a 2006 XK8 with 92K miles. Thoughts on things I should look for?

Look at service records and have a compression test performed. You should also check with your DMV for a vehicle history report for crashes and have the serial number verified. Just being cautious.
Good luck, those are beautiful cars.

Congrats. All the later model year XK8’s I have seen are generally very well looked after when compared to the first generations.

This miles tell about no problema inside engine…however check smoke come out from exhsaust no white or blue…at could start you do Give your head next to service chain , Seller o a friend do turn key and you do listen about services noise pulley like ac compressor , insert It, alternator water pump.

In same position listen about inside chain sound any noise come from tensioner.

In same place check for water pump if Any water drop from this part.

You do listen gear also…i know well this car perhaps some Photo can help me.

In Any case you do change oil filter sparks and brake, often Front disc became irregular and give steering vibration in soft breacking use . Some work on disc otherchange 2 in Front.

Tyres condition tell you a story of last month use and how car working on same tyres.