Buying a lump. What to look for, what to ask?

(Jordan) #1

As the title says. Found a 305 converted 83 xj6 for 1500 obo. It’s a few hours away, so what should I ask the seller before I make the trip? And there is a mobile mechanic i could get to take a look at it too. Thanks in advance!

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Jordan, it would help if there was a little bit more info, like where are you and what area is the lump situated?
I’m in New Zealand so would hazard a guess i’m out of the picture?

(Lovell) #3

It depends what you plan on doing with it?

If you plan on running it “as is” and keeping the engine, find out what things DON’T WORK.

Does the transmission linkage feel good, indicate proper gear?

Do you have a working tach?

Does it have heat?

Do you have A/C?

Did they hook up the power steering?

Has it been legally driven/inspected since the conversion?

If it’s unfinished in these areas, chances are they left the hard parts that were beyond their abilities, and maybe yours.

Price accordingly. Discount heavily.

(Jordan) #4

In in Arkansas and the car is in oklahoma


Definitely ask who’s kit and who did the work. What works on the car and what doesn’t
All good suggestions above

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #6


All of the above.

Either of the three remaining kits are fine. One or more have faded away. A slight issue if one of those. Hoe grown can be OK., great or poor. beware of that.

I’d be very much concerned with the electric harnesses used. All features in. or merely enough to run and drive!!

The 305 is a bit wimpy, but if in decent shape e will do.

Unfortunately, the most important thing is "Can the converted car be registered in your state: ?

If it was coming to California, it would not meet emission requirements!!! No regiastration, almost useless…

Carl .

(phillip keeter) #7

Sage advice. I live in Colorado now but still own a place in MT. When I bought my lumped '76, I registered it in Mt. No inspection required, no smog/emissions BS, they don’t care that it’s been lumped, etc. And… no f******* sales tax. Check to see what Arkansas requires before you buy it.
As Carl alluded to, the 305 may be a disappointment. I love my LT1 (350).

(Paul Wigton) #8

Friends of mind here with oddly-modded things do the same up in Wyoming!