Buying a set of tires OnLiine from UK for import to US

That is incredible. We just brought in a 50lbs airfreight from Italy and paid just under $1K.

Just ordered 5 tires at that rate, see how it shakes out tomorrow.

Yes. Let us know how it works out.
3rd degree/

Sales dept at Longstone has just emailed a confirming order to me with 60 Pound freight cost.
Confirms the automated order confirmation I got yesterday after I ordered on line.
They report 6-10 days delivery to US. Hope that’s to my address, although not in a rush anyway.
They do significant business in the US and I would think the freight costs come from bundling with frequent large shipments.

What I know is that you can’t use DOT tires in Europe, I learned the hard way when I imported my car to France.
E code is much more stringent than DOT, especially in noise levels.

The tires are labeled with both DOT and E. per Longstone.

It is incredible that Longstone can ship four tires for 60 pounds. Even in a large, consolidated shipment.
If they are quoting delivery in 10 days, that means they are shipping by airfreight. We bring airfreight from Europe 3 or 4 times a week by FedEx and DHL and we cannot get a rate anywhere near that. In fact we just got a 29% fuel surge charge fee increase on top of the freight cost.
Let me know how they shipped (shipping method) it to you. I am really curious.

Sure will, 5 tires BTW,

I’ve bought two sets of tires from Longstone. At least one, maybe both, came through USPS. Prices were much better than from US suppliers.

In transit, via Parcelforce and USPS, still in UK.

Actually parcelforce tracking indicates movement yeaterday and “exported from UK” today as of 17:15, which is actually a couple hours from now so I guess on a scheduled flt?

60 GBP, to the US?

Sounds more than reasonable!

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Cheaper than domestic freight quoted on same item from a domestic supplier.

Maybe they are filled with Helium, so making them almost weightless! :joy:


It’s typical for a vendor like Longstone to bundle some of the freight charges into the product itself. No doubt it costs them more than £60 to airfreight 5 tires to the US. By doing so, US (and other similarly distant countries) get subsidized freight from shipments to countries where Longstone charges the customer a freight amount more inline or greater than the actual freight charges.

The other thing to consider is whether Longstone actually has the tires in their UK facility. It’s not uncommon to have shipments come direct from manufacturer (with US stock) or even a US based distributor. When you get the tires check the label to see where they were shipped from. That said, shipping 5 tires for £60 even within the US would be pretty good.

I thought of that, but the buyer stated he checked tracking and t said they we’re being exported from the UK today.

If that’s the case, I think that shows Longstone’s interest in the US market. Likely taking a margin hit to go after the market here.

Out of interest I started an order to buy the same tires and ship them to an address in Canada. The shipping cost was 800 pounds (GBP) - basically as much as the tires themselves. I didn’t complete the order, but that is what the web site quoted me, but 60 pounds to my address in the US…

Maybe you can take this opportunity and do a “Candie”, like she did for boot seals… :slight_smile:

Could just be a glitch in the system.

Years ago, I took a series of stills of a shuttle launch and wanted to display 10 of them sequentially in a long, narrow frame. The store’s system generated a quote of about $1,000. The frame, mat with ten cutouts and backing panel were about $100. The store’s computer said the glass was $900. The clerk fought the system to no avail and finally solved the problem by ordering the frame sans glass and then ordering the glass separately for something like $12.

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Wow. Out of US Customs, In route to destination (me) via USPS.

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