Buying an F Type - pricing

Hi all - new to the forum, I recently decided after much deliberation on the F-type R AWD 2016 onwards. Given the current market it would be good to have guidance on purchase for the year and mileage - 55k is my budget however, will travel to pick up a bargain if needed. Any intel on known/common problems with mileage guidance to factor in with the purchase would be great. Thanks!

@gunnar, our benevolent leader, may have good tips for you, and Welcome!

Check the internet purveyors, Carfax, edmunds, carvana, etc to see what’s available and the prices. Check the Carfax for its accident/ service history. Check all the Jaguar forums for info on issues. I have a 2017 premium, manual trans. Hair raising saga on the clutch failures. Other notable issues are rear diff failure, rear brace rusting and coolant pipes leaking. From what I understand, 2016/ 2017s were transition models, when Jaguar had realized some components were problematic and upgraded them. Difficulty in knowing which VINs received the upgrades. That said, my F is spectacular to drive and certainly to look at. Have fun looking!

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Thanks for the reply. The V8 market is wild. My last week of looking there are some deluded dealers trying to sell market price for cars in minor and moderate damage in some cases. Staying we’ll clear of anything with accident reports. Patiently looking but there are some “good deals” in the 70k range