Buying up all the XK-8's

How about a group of us buying up all the cheap XK8’s and socking them away until they become collectors? They are beautiful cars and should not suffer the indignity of low prices. Just testing the waters to see if there is any interest.

I won’t be alive by then😁

What Larry said!

If we use the same “arc” as the E Type… it’ll be 2034 till an XK8 is worth anything.

Ill be 74. No.

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You youngster you!

Well, just a thought………a real shame to see them disappear, one by one to the crusher.

The ones that have had the timing gear done, the cooling system done, the transmission done and are non-Nikasil or very late Nikasil will be safe. The ones that still require those jobs are on borrowed time…

I do believe they are at the bottom of their depreciation curve. The issue may be electronics. Someone in the future could have a great business supplying rebuilt electronics for these cars.

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Well, regardless of what happens, it was the thought that counts, and I like the cars and have a 2001 example now. A drophead, but I would like to pick up a coupe too, and the prices are at the bottom right now. I would think the wise choice would be to buy the newest one with the lowest miles. Any thoughts?

Well, THAT’LL make you be thought of, as a wild man…:wink:

Low mileage can hide problems. Cars are built to be driven and lack of use can produce internal corrosion and degradation of fluids and hoses. A high mileage car that has been highway driven can be in better shape than a garage queen. Most of my cars are driven + 3 or 400k kilometers (180k to 250k miles) before trade.

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Cars going to the crusher helps all of us that buy what we like and that we hope to be classics or desired later.
I enjoy buying a vehicle that has been taken care of, is at the bottom of its depreciation curve, needs a bit of work, and is priced right. Take that car drive it for a year or two and do what it needs and sell it to another appreciative person that wants a car that is sorted out. If I am any good at what I do I can do okay. I sometimes drive up to and over 100 miles a day for my business. I prefer driving a Jag as apposed to my van, when I can.

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Wanna 2000TC Rover?


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Where are you located ?

What year is it and what condition?

There was was someone in Arizona several years back that had 5 xkr’s that he said he purchased for investments for his kids. I believe he sold one of them for 9,000 and a couple days later a dealer was flipping it for 15k :triumph:. This was in 2015 I think. Just something I thought about regarding his topic

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