Buzzer Circuit Modification

Hi all,

This is a simple modification to render the buzzer into something more useful instead of it coming on whenever the key is inserted in the ignition.

The primary circuit of a SPST relay (85) is powered from the unused 87A (NC) contact of the red Main relay by the main fuse panel. It’s then grounded (86) via the Door Switch.
The secondary circuit (30) is powered from the Lights Switch (I used the Instrument lights contact) and connects to the buzzer (87) and then to ground.

With this modification the buzzer will buzz only if the Ignition is Off, the Lights are ON and the drivers door is open at the same time.



Very nice I’ve been thinking about doing this exact idea, as I never drive without seat belts and sometimes leave the lights on.

I disconnected my buzzer when I had the steering column out recently


I did the opposite when I replaced the ignition switch. My buzzer was hanging loose!

I plugged it in. It buzzzez at times, I kida like it and have not figured out if it is ignition only or lights and belltd…