BW 65/66 transmission question

(Raccoonman) #1

I’d like to remove the output shaft flange and use a slip yoke to fabricate a driveshaft for my special; what am I going to run into if I do remove the flange? What other cars use the same output shaft spline? (other than BW equipped Jags)

(Rob Reilly) #2

Doesn’t the flange fit into an oil seal?
You might be better using the Jag driveshaft which has the slip joint in it.

(Raccoonman) #3

Ah,but for the fact that a blundering idiot gave that driveshaft away…

(Rob Reilly) #4

So you may need to get in touch with a plundering ideologue.

Ok seriously, Jaguar Heaven in Stockton Calif 209-942-4524 will have a variety on the shelf.
So does JK Restorations in Oswego IL, 630-554-2120

Actually the flanges are a standard Hardy-Spicer size so any parts recycler may be able to find one from a pickup or van.
There are specialist driveshaft shops that can shorten them. It is very important that the two end yokes should be co-planar, otherwise you can get vibration, which is worse if the trans and rear axle are not in line. Failure to realize this is why some jacked up trucks and off-roaders go through a lot of u-joints.