BW-65 Setup help

Hello all. I have a shiny rebuilt BW-65 and a TQ ready to bolt onto my XK6. Even though these are going into a D Type replica, I figured I’d post here since the block and transmission are from a 1975 XJ6 Series 2.

Before I start asking lots of questions, can anyone point me to a web site, YouTube video, or previous forum thread that has some reasonably detailed steps for setting up this transmission? I have the proper type of fluid and I know how much it needs. I’ve installed a few GM transmissions in the past, so I’m reasonably familiar with the process, but since it’s Jaguar, I’m assuming it’ll have a weird quirk or two.

First three questions are…

Should the TQ be filled with fluid before installation?

What position is ‘Park’.? The lever, pointed up, all the way forward?

Also… since my Speedometer is run by GPS, can I just block off the governor without it causing problems?

Hi Doug, the TQ will fill up when first started, then correct the level (more towards the low mark) while it’s running and after selecting all gear positions, then P. Same again when the fluid is hot.

The throttle cable must be correctly adjusted and connected to the throttle in some way.

P is where the output shaft locks, should be obvious. Think forwards.

You certainly cannot disconnect the governor but you can plug the bullet or leave the angle drive disconnected.

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Thank you. Yeah, I misspoke… not the governor, but the Speedo gear connection.

It is absolutely essential that the downshift cable to the gearbox is properly connected to the throttle pedal, Doug - as David says. Hopefully you got the throttle linkages from the donor.

There are not any real Jaguar quirks in box installation - apart from general vehicle differences (D-type in this case), it should be straight forward…

When installed the the downshift cable must be adjusted using fluid pressure - it’s a standard procedure, and specifics for the BW65 should be readily available.

The lever fully forward is indeed ‘P’, then N-R-D-2-1 - assuming you haven’t something exotic with the shift lever linkages…

And I love your 6 barrels…:slight_smile:

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