BW DG250 Auto Transmission removal

Hello and good evening. Brand new to the site and I am very impressed and thankful for this forum.

I have a 1959 MK1 3.4 saloon, that my father had owned for the past 45 years. The transmission started to make a bang sound while in park and revved up. Secondly the car would not engage in the parking gear. The issue turned out to be a misadjusted parking pawl. Because the adjustment for the pawl was damaged I ended up taking the extension case off, BIG MISTAKE. Long story short does anyone know if the transmission of a BWdg250 can be removed leaving the bell housing attached to the motor. Or is it feasible to drop the transmission and bell housing as 1 unit. I am unable to get the extension case back in, because the intermediate speed hold sticks out to the side and prevents it. Since there are several splines that must match up the only way to reinstall is with the transmission removed. I even thought about loosing the motor mounts and seeing if the trans would drop down a bit. I am resigned to the fact the transmission must come out. The extension case came out in pieces so impossible to get everything lined back up while the trans is installed. Thank you for any advice.

First off Gabe, welcome to the forum.
Sorry to hear that, also sorry to have to say that I’m fairly sure its a case of engine and trans out together,


I removed and replaced the trans from my 3.4 Mk2, leaving the torque converter in place. Did it on axle stands and with a trolley jack , no less. It’s pretty heavy, but came out easily enough. I, too was apprehensive about lining up all those splines but it seemed to go together ok, so certainly can be done. Obviously there’s not a lot of difference between a Mk1 and Mk2 in this regard.


I was doing kind of opposite in my Mk1 - removing the engine separate from a DG, as this combo seemed to … whale-ish for my nerves. The separation was done at the flex-plate, midjourney. Radiator was out, still I had a hard time separating tranny on splines, so unbolted the flexplate. See a few pictures. I have DG250 lying on a shelf, so if You’re in need of any measurements - feel free to request some.
As for bellhousing-tranny separation - I see upper two bolts could be undone from the outisde, but lower two studs have nuts from the inside. See last pic.

It’s a long time ago now, but I think I unbolted the box from the bellhousing and left that in situ. Details are faint now.

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I feel you might be correct, however I all the bolts are accessible from below. My main concern is the spline alignments.

I too believe the MK 2 is close enough to the MK 1 transmission setup. In fact there is more info searching for MK2 which I have compared thoroughly. I hope to prop the torque converter in the bell housing so it doesn’t move as I pull the tranny shaft out. We will see what nightmare this opens up. Your comment does give me a glimmer of hope , Thanks!!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! These pics are GOLD!!! IT appears the as I suspected there are only 2 bolt on bottom going into the Transmission and the top bolts are going toward the bell housing which I can access fairly easy. As soon as I figure how to post Pics I will share. thanks

Thanks I agree I will give it a shot

So here are some snaps of my setup. Notice the extension case intermediate hold solenoid sticking out. Also the parking pawl adjustment rod damage. Once I remove the transmission I will send some more pics. Or show it in a crate getting shipped to a Transmission service, haha.

As there are few transmission shops willing to work on DG250’s, have you considered one of the modern alternatives like a 700R4? You’ll get better ratios, power and mileage.

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Good to know I will research that option most definitely. Thank you

Where are you located?
Oddly enough, in New Jersey we have two resources for these transmissions, one is

where you can buy parts, and

where they can do the rebuild for you.

By the way, do you have a manual for the automatic transmission? If not, the one from Scientific Magazines in Australia has no fewer than 74 pages of instructions about the DG250. It looks like this:

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Mike, Long ago when I was in the Jaguar warranty department we used to send all the BW65 and BW66 gearboxes (maybe Model 12 as well) to a company known as Component Rebuild Services in northern New Jersey. Wondering if they are still in business

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Thanks for the info @Mike_Eck I’m in California. We have several Transmission places that work on the dg250 that I was referred to by Moss Motors out here. The Scientific Magazines manual looks very familiar to the Haynes manual I have a copy of. I have the original dg250 manual that is very good check it out if you have not already. BTW I bought a copy of the The Scientific Magazines manual thru Abes Books to add to my collection. Thanks again my friend.

So my Dad changed the diff gear ratio for better performance and the trans mission was rebuilt many years ago and runs very good. I’m not rebuilding the tranny just trying to get the parking pawl adjustment correct. Un fortunately I’m dismantling more and more apart just to fix what I thought was a minor issue. UGH!!

I have an idea there is a way around your problem

I dont know a lot about DG250, I had one , and could not even give it away to a MK9 owner, so I threw it away (I should have dismantled it instead, but I had too much…junk :smiling_face_with_tear:

I could be wrong, happens all the time, but there may be some way to hold the parts in place, till they are mated, then the way it is held is released, before bolts tightened, I have an idea its as simple as thin poly cord (I have read about some assembly tricks for DG250, probably on this forum, check archives)

Technically, if it came apart, there should be a way to get it back together, just knowing the tricks

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I agree with your instinct, and this is the direction I will try. Thanks for the Vote of confidence. Just waiting on some parts to be delivered.