BW Transmission Re-manufacturers - US or Canada

Thought I’d post this in a new thread so the answers can be easily found by future Googlers.

Can anyone recommend any quality places that sell, re-manufacture or rebuild BW65 automatic transmissions? Or any other BW auto transmission that would work on an XK6 block? Thanks.

This is an international list. What country are you in?


Whoops - good point. Thanks. USA or Canada preferred.

Any reputable transmission shop should be able to do it: it’s not a complex transmission.

Here’s one source.

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Hard parts for the 65 are hard to find.
I have a few for parts if needed. Ontario.


Another option to look at.
I have this kit in my S-type 3.8.
Works with a GM T700 transmission.

Peter Jan

Just finished installing his kit in a series 3 XJ and it is great!

If the BW’s gotta come out, anyway, prolly better money spent.

I would really like to use a Johns Cars Kit, but this replica that the XK6 is going into has very limited space between the footwells and that can’t be altered without severely weakening the frame. It can’t be wider than 16” and longer than 27”.

Might try a Ford C4 and try to fashion my own adapter, or find a RWD Japanese transmission that will be easy to service for the next 50 years.

For now though, my plan is to use the BW.

for the Johns Car option I did not modify the transmission tunnel to make it fit.
It’s a longer box, but the tail is narrow.

Peter Jan


A replica…sounds interesting!

Maybe consider the shift cable types. The 65 has a cable that would normally attach to the throttle linkage bolted to the back of the cams, whereas the 66 cable goes to the throttle plate. Is you special carb or FI?


Have you checked into an AOD…non-electronic…uses a cable for line pressure…4 speeds.

Anyone wants a BW65? I have moved to a GM TH400.

5 speed Supra W series will go in the space occupied by a BW12 (behind my V12)

Google “Dellows Engineering” Sydney Australia

It needs to be an automatic. I have a Toyota A340e in my garage. Width is right but adapting it to an XK6 seems daunting. How did you attach yours?

Dellows provide a custom cast bellhousing and fork…plus a few other bits for the manual conversions, but you can source them yourself. They may have auto conversion options

an A340E will fit…it needs a fair bit of work, couple of custom machined plates to mate bellhousing, and a (Volvo I think Torque convertor)

I am not sure on the Toyota transmission control computer.

My mate used a Volvo Non-E 340

I do know for an absolute fact that the Jeep A340E from 1996 has a fully independant Transmission control computer that does not need a an Engine Computer.

later ones do interact somewhat with the computer

my understanding is a 2wd '96 Jeep A340E is the best bet.

The 4wd versions need a tailhousing swap…I believe the Toyota tailhosuing will swap to a Jeep.

I have a 420G…the dream of most Zenith owners is 4speed auto (XJ40 conversion is very costly).

420G is a huge car, but the trans tunnel seems like it was designed for IED protection!

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Tony, I’ve contacted Bellows and they do make a bell housing to mate an A340e to an XK6. I couldn’t quite get the answer to the question that if it was something that they have built and that has been used by someone, or if it exists in the CAD world and they can make it. I’m sure it would work, even if I’m the first one they build it for. I would think that such a setup would allow me to use the XK6 flexplate rather than have one custom made, which is a headache to think about.

As for controlling the E transmission, I found an aftermarket ‘brain’ kit that can be used. Another interesting option is to do the ‘3 Switch’ method and basically turn it into a manual shift by operating the solenoids with manually flipped switches.

Thanks that is interesting…I did not know Dellows do 340 / XJ bellhousing

Dellows cast the Bellhousings and some other parts themselves themselves.

They are an Engineering Company…I have found them very difficult to deal with in the past.

My V12 converted to 5 speed Supra broke the clutch fork in half.

Turns out mine was the prototype. ( had been in another vehicle before mine, I purchased it used, and I found out this was due to a very heavy clutch the PO did not like, he had it removed and the auto put back in)

had to buy new parts, they were not sympathetic

I later spoke to the guy that provided the drawings to them, a brilliant Jag mechanic (that used to be on this forum)

my bloke had his parts made up by a local machinist…unfortunately he has has taken ill, so hopefully the car gets on the road, it was close a couple of years ago

I shall ring them myself!

there is a huge expertise on converting the Jeep AW4 and trans computer, including paddle shift. They would be cheap as dirt in USA. I bought some AW4 computers and TPS for $40

The ONLY thing needed is a Throttle position sensor. ( VSS is on trans, and Jag kickdown cable)

their is also vast knowledge on using the Toyota AW4/computer

soon as I am well enough myself, I will make a separate thread showing some measurement on various trans and bellhousings that I have, including BW35, BW8, DG250, and a AW4