BW12 in '66 S-type

(Adam XJ6) #1


Anyone that has fitted a BW12 from an XJ6 in their S-type or Mark 2? I plan on fitting on to my S-type since the car came to me without a gearbox. I know I will have to change shift lever and some other things but I’m hoping it will work well.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

To be honest I would find somebody that has a boat and requires an anchor, you would be much better going with a manual box, it will change the nature of the car and be much nicer to drive, more responsive.
I did this with my ‘66 ‘S’ way back when I was younger in a garage with a dirt floor, the advantage with the manual ox is that it is much smaller than the auto and the transmission tunnel is made for the auto box so there is lot more room to fiddle around the box.
BTW they are called flex plates for the auto, not flywheels just for clarification.

(John Quilter) #3

The BorgWarner Model 12 gearbox is a pretty robust unit which was used on the early XJS and XJ12 cars so it can handle the torque of the V12 engine easily. It may, however, need a separate cooler installed somewhere.

(Adam XJ6) #4

I plan on installing a cooler somewhere up front for it. I’ve heard that they are robust so it should be fine to get my car on the road. Might want to do a manual swap in the future but will try it as an automatic first.