BW66 - how to move out of Park to N without engine running

JLF Team - I appreciate the continued discussion, suggestions and potential conclusions prior to additional diagnosic steps on the actual car. Unfortunately, I am a couple weeks away from following those diagnostic steps since 600 miles away. So please do not get frustrated when I do not report on actions, results etc. The plan is to contract with a reputable towing/transport company but several of the brokers are pretty clear that their subcontractors will not put on a dolly to extract from garage or onto the trailer ramps. If I cannot release the pawl, I will disconnect the driveshaft.

Just worried on difficulty of breaking those drive shaft (from transmission) bolts free in the limited space. Any expectations on difficulty?

Thanks for all your help and expertise. Fred

If you are not satisfied that the transmission has not come out of park disconnect the driveshaft at the differential end. There is better access there. Good luck.

It would be preferable for you to be present to undo the propeller shaft yourself, Fred - or whatever…

Odds are that the ‘subcontractors’ otherwise might simply hook up the winch and strongarm the car onto the trailer on stiff wheels. Something will likely give - but the car will wind up loaded on…:slight_smile:

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Most tow service would but, only if they are aware of the issue,. An old hoist wrecker, aye, dollies aboard. The usual nowadays “roll back” no…

And, the transport rigs, no, It must roll…

I lean toward planning a drive shaft disconnect.


Fred, Carl,
Removing those four propeller shaft to dfferential bolts “ain’t no walk in the park”. I have done that a bunch of times and the problem will be getting access to all four bolts if the propeller shaft/differential doesn’t turn. Even if it does rotate removing those bolts can be a challenge.


Some of my You Tube entertainment is Tow truck channels. Aye, at times, they just double up the winch line and drag the car aboard the roll back… Snatch block multiplication…

They term it “drag” !!! One admits extra care to the high dollar cars… MBZ, etc.


Only once on my Jaguar ! One out, another in!! Other critters, oh yeah… Walk in the park, no
As you say, but if it has to be…

I do recall using one of the two Whitworth
“spanners” on the bolts…