BW66 into 420G - will it go?

(Robert Laughton) #1

My local Jag mechanic has a customer who had his gearbox go bang while en route through Canada from NY.

The tech wants to try a BW66 from a S3 XJ6.

Does anyone know of any problems doing so?

I know the neutral switch is a rotary on the 66 and on the column on the 420G.

I’m not sure if the shift cable is long enough. Pictures show the BW8 in the 420G with the cable coming down vertically, whereas the 66 comes from the rear horizontally.

Cooling lines can be made up.

The rear mount will likely need to be made up.

The prop shaft may need to be made longer or shorter.

The car is quite nice; white with red interior. I’m sure the owners wish to be on their way soon, so we are hoping this works.

Any thoughts?



(tony) #2

it should work, but I do not know change cable position on BW66…a BW65pic shows a setup that looks like it would work .

Cable length is, and would be critical, and measurements would be mandatory

throttle kickdown would need some fiddling, need cables and microswitches from bw66
BW8 is throttle cable kickdown

rear mount and driveshaft should not be to difficult

column mounted neutral switch could be retained