Bypass windshield chrome retainer tabs

(Brad Reynolds) #1

I see some threads on this topic but no definitive answer on what I think is the best option to remove the goofy looking retaining tabs across the top of the windshield on my S2 coupe.

I recently got a hold of some chrome strips from a series 1 XJ6, thinking to install them instead of the series 2 originals. Cleaner look, and no mounting holes in these strips.

Even though the two cars have the same part number windshield and mounting gaskets, the series 1 trim strips do not have the same shape as my originals. The corner radii are wrong, and the series 1 strips seem to be for a lower height windshield. This doesn’t make sense. The strips may have been slightly mis-shapen from prior removal, but they aren’t mangled or bent out of plane.

Am I missing something?

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #2

are you referring to the tab looking thingys along the top?

If this is a US / Federal car, There are two nuts on the back side of the retainer clips (total of 3 clips across the top of the windscreen. remove the two nuts, then using a plastic trim tool, or wrap gaffers tape around the prongs of a set of trim pliers, pry the top straight up - the screws / bolts / threaded posts the two nuts are screwed to are attached to the top of the windscreen finisher

If it’s not a Federal car, then using a plastic trim tool, or trim pliers covered in tape or something to protect the trim finish; pry the little chrome strips upwards that are covering the joins between the two sides of the window finisher strips.

(Dwomby) #3

If you look at the relevant pages from the S1 and S2 parts books, it seems there are different part numbers for the chrome trim but not for the glass. I am sure Jaguar did not change the body pressings to alter the shape of the windscreen opening.

On my S2, I opted to remove the large plates on the outside that overlap the rubber seal around the windscreen but keep the actual retainers that bolt through the body. I put silicone sealant in there to keep it all watertight and have had no leakage in 10 years. You can barely see the ‘extra’ chrome’ on the windscreen chrome strip now.


(Brad Reynolds) #4

Thanks Dwomby,

I did see that the S1 And S2 cars have different part numbers for the trim, but that may just be because the S2 trim has the holes for the retainers - maybe that is the only difference. I still can’t understand why my series 1 pieces have such a different
profile than those from my S2 coupe.



(Dwomby) #5

Brad, it can’t be because of the holes since the late S1 cars had those holes/retainers in the US too.


(Brad Reynolds) #6

Hi David - thanks for that input,

That may help unravel the mystery. For what it’s worth another few differences between my chrome strips and the series 1 pieces is that the S1 parts are polished stainless, and those on my car appear to be chrome. This may have been done to colour-match the
chromed retainer pieces. HAlso, my car’s pieces include a 1 foot long straight separate piece along the bottom n(driver’s side I think) , not just two mirror image U-shaped pieces like the S1 parts are.


(Dwomby) #7

Now that is just plain weird.


(Brad Reynolds) #8

Boy, this is embarrassing, everyday xj just asked me if the s1 pieces I have might be for the rear windshield instead…

Mystery solved.

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(Robert Wilkinson) #9

David is brilliant! I just never would have thought of that.

(Dwomby) #10

I can’t help myself. Sounds like something I would do.