C.96721 Union for Water Temp Gauge Capillary Bulb needed

(Horatiocaine) #1

This is the threaded pipe fitting that threads into the intake manifold, the water temp gauge threads into it.

I have been searching for and have had no luck finding one. I purchased a nice used intake manifold and it has a pipe threaded into the hole on the manifold, the one that was on my engine came out but only a few threads remain. My original intake manifold is corroded beyond repair, while the new manifold will only need some work at this fitting as the threads are corrode a bit. Has anyone reproduced the part with longer threads, are originals or reproductions available, I suspect this is not an uncommon problem area. I have done my due diligence searching the internet and now I come here for help. Has anyone installed an insert to restore the threaded area. The manifold pictured had a pipe threaded in with a JB weld type product. I may be able to tap the threads out and possibly the pipe was used as the threads where the temp gauge attached are gone. Thank You, Andy

(Peter Crespin) #2

I will watch how you get on. There are two sizes of capillary bulb I’ve seen. One uses a female gland nut to screw onto your male adapter and one has an externally-threaded male fitting that holds the bulb in a threaded hole rather line a brake line into a caliper. Does McMaster Carr not have anything?

(Rob Reilly) #3

$4.11 each.

(Phil.Dobson) #4

You might try Covenrty auto components

(Horatiocaine) #5

This part did not have a large enough inside diameter for the sender to fit into. I will see if I will be able to drill it to a size that will work.

(Gary Grant) #6

Hopefully it will work if you drill it out a little.

I may as well mention that I have been looking for the complementary part, the female internally threaded gland nut which threads onto the male adapter. This is the gland nut which is on the capillary tube and holds the bulb in the male adapter.

I have already bought a couple of sacrificial gauges on eBay just to get this gland nut, but the gauges I bought came with the externally threaded fitting which does not fit.

If anyone knows where I can find one of these please let me know.

The reason I need one, is that I am going to try to repair the original gauge for my 140, and this gland nut and whole capillary tube are missing. Yes, I realize that I will have to try to refill the bulb and splice the capillary tube from one of the sacrificial gauges from eBay, which I haven’t done before.
The first step would be to place the gland nut ( which I am looking for) onto the capillary tube.
Thanks in advance for any help.

(Rob Reilly) #7

Yes, you can drill it larger. My gauge from my Mark V is out at present and I measure 15/32" on the collar that fits into the nipple.
In case this type of work is not familiar to you, I recommend doing it in a drill press with a press vise, rather than a hand held drill in a bench vise. Do not try to drill it out in one shot. Use progressively larger bits and take it up by increments of 1/64" at a time.
If you have to buy all new bits just to do this job, and you want to economize, you could go up by 1/32" increments, but go slow and carefully so the bit doesn’t grab the workpiece and tear it up.

(Peter Crespin) #8

What OD is the bulb?..

(Rob Reilly) #9

The main bulb is .437" but the smaller part of the collar that also has to fit into the nipple is .479" diameter. The larger end of the collar is .555" and that does not fit into the nipple, it seats against it.

(Gary Grant) #10

Well, I may be out of luck with one of the sacrificial gauges I ended up getting…its bulb is 3/8” outer diameter, and the collar is only 1/2 “ diameter.
Maybe the collar on the bulb on this one is too small to be captured by the normal internally threaded gland nut.

Perhaps I shouldn’t sacrifice this gauge anyway, it seems to be from a rare Degsfaht automobile.

(Mike Balch) #11

Gary, I have a used gland nut plus the capillary bulb with about 10 inches of tube from an XK Jaguar. Send me a private message if you want them.

(Peter Crespin) #12

I have both types on two different twin-needle XK gauges, but am not sure which will come on the correct D-type minor gauges due from Argentina. I did notice in a Jag promo film for the continuation D & XKSS, that they had fitted a modern electronic stepper-motor tach instead of the original cable & clockwork chronometric RC167. The dead giveaway was seeing the needle do an instant complete sweep of the dial when the ignition was switched on.

(Peter Crespin) #13

Yesterday I collected s box of D bits from Jerry Booen. They included s double male 3/8 BSP threaded fitting similar but not exactly identical to what I already have for the fuel line. It is shorter and bigger bore with fractionally longer threaded section one (radiator) side of the central hex to allow for a sealing washer. The shorter side threads into the female gland nut and crush washer that are captive on the capillary tube. I asked him had he bored it and he said no, it came from SNGB as a standard XK140 part C9621 ‘Temp bulb adapter.’

(Rob Reilly) #14

The Mark VII SPC adds this information.
Looks like a supplier’s part number.

I could not find any listing for this part or an earlier equivalent in the XK120 or pushrod model books.