C List Lump XJS/350

saw this in northern AZ, if anyone is interested

Well, the good. It is a great looker. Sorta.

1,. No view as to the SBC install.

  1. the wheels are ???

Aye, a personal thing as to the wheels…

Interesting, oh for sure…

the starting price is about the only thing i like. not a big fan of blue on blue, and yeah to each his own. cheers, carl

'ya, 'to each his own - for me it needs a hood, wheels/tires, paint of any color and interior.

Fantasy: Hey Chip!? Take my XJSC, SC the V12, polish the engine aluminium, give me a Camel interior and top, with a deep blue green paint job, euro headlights, your signature take on some starfish wheels, a 3 choice ride control knob, and please curb your enthusiasm. Oh yeah . . . ditch those damn 5 mph bumpers!