C-type Pinion angle?

My Copycats/Proteus has the mounts for the rear suspension upper arms in both the rearward and forward locations. It was an on the fly modification Jim Marland did during production. I have the drawings they used to make the brackets.
My question is if mounting the arms rearward the rear axle pinion is about level. If I use the modified forward mounts then the pinion has a definite upward angle to it. Is one better than the other? I think forward mounting the arms is a better suspension set up if pinion angles are the same, but I’ve seen Copycats with the rearward arms.

You need the pinion angle to match the angle of your shaft coming out of the gearbox or your drive shaft will have issues.

What Matthew said: ultimately, that angle matching is critical.

Makes sense. I will put the engine /trans back in and see what it looks like.