C type XK 120 engine (helping a friend who was being fleeced!)

Good morning all, I am new here and am just helping an old boy who has been targeted by a pair of rogues who were trying to fleece him. They really were pressuring him over a C type engine that has been in rebuild (near complete as far as I know) to the point he was in such a terrible state,that was about to let them take it just top leave him alone. His wife confided in mine and they need to sell it a he can’t now continue, cost, age and financial stress. Any ideas as to where to start, he’s keen for it to go to a Jag enthusiast and the chap who has carried out the works to date will proivide details, appreciate any recommendations, Derek

What country are you in…location?..

Hello Steve, I’m in France but the engine is in Eastleigh, Hampshie, UK. I have a few bits of info on it and can forwards those, but can get more should you require, or put you in touch with the rebuild guy, thanks, Derek

He should call the police if rogues are trying to steal from him

I have no patience with thieves, and police would be the least of their worries if they were trying to fleece me

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Hello Tony, they were bullying him and coercing him into letting them take it to give it a good clean etc… He lives in France and thankfully the engine is in the UK, they tried to trick him out of a “C” type chassis jig he owns too… Bloody law seems to be impotent these days! I managed to intervene before they had him, so that’s something, there truly are some rotten people out there, I hope to find a good home for it and get him a fair price, kind regards, Derek



There is not much you can do here, try getting the engine back and in the car and any auction house will be glad to sell it.

The law can be slow, but if someone does something “bad” enough, my policy is to launch a multi- pronged attack, so Police attention is warranted, as they may be doing it to others, and eventually the wheels of Justice may grind them.

So start early on that one :grinning:

In addition, (as an investigator in a previous life), I would make numerous phone calls and personal enquiries to any business associates I could identify and ask questions. Social media as well these days

Finally, my personal surveillance or attendance to the matter if required was not something I think anyone enjoyed

I make a careful point to never utter threats, or become abusive, as both these are illegal, and foolish

People of that ilk understand the pressure of intimidation, and prefer to pick on someone that doesn’t fight back, strangely, they often back off very meekly, and even respect true assertiveness

Sounds like they picked your friend as vulnerable, like the low jackals they would be, and I commend you for standing up for him


Hello Mathew, thank you for your contact, fortunately I managed to intervene prior to the engine being taken, the one fly in the ointment for the two lowlifes, was the engine is in the UK with the fellow whom had undertaken the works to date, the old boy who owns it lives in France. They had tried to coerce him into allowing them to collect it from the guardian in the UK, fortunately I managed to intervene and shall we say, that side of the matter has been dealt with and they are no longer a threat to him … with some presence from a few of our local and very kind, Breton farmers!

He is now unable to follow his dream re: constructing a “C” type, age and current financial situation being against him, I am now trying to find the best way for him to recoup some much needed revenue from the engine and find it a good home, he’s keen for it to go to a fellow enthusiast, so she may roar once again. If you have any suggestions as to where might be a good place to put it up for sale, I’d really appreciate any input, it seems like this forum is a pretty good starting point though!

Thanks again, kind regards, Derek

@lowdrag Tony Brown may be able to assist
He knows his C types and is based in france… iv linked his name so he should get flaged to this post… Steve

Hi Steve, thank you for the help, I seem to have struck gold with this forum, really grateful, kind regards, Derek

I have now read the topic, and the mention of where the engine is sited gives me a clue as to whom we are discussing and if so I have known him for over thirty years. I need to speak to the owner to hear the whole story. I possess a 1961 E-type, and a Lynx XKSS and built a 1952 Le Mans C-type so am well aware of potential pitfalls and problems. I assume he is French? If so I speak it well, so no problems there.


Hi Tony, thanks for getting in touch, the owner, Nicholas Spender, is English and has asked me to deal with the sale, but of course he will verify the situation, John Burton can confirm this in the first instance, as he is the chap who carried out the works to date and is fully aware of events through conversations with Nick. John has kindly offered to field any questions, should you need his number, please let me know and I will forwards it and also give him a heads up to expect a call, kind regards, Derek

You can contact me directly on 0772 110496, Nick and myself are based in Ploerdut, Brittanny.

I have had a long chat with John and he tells me that the engine has been ready for three years but has never been collected. He also said that this was going to be a full-on C-type build by Mr Spender, who had built the chassis but, as said, has lost interest in the project. Obviously, being a “proper” C-type, there is probably a lot yet to do and it needs a specialist to take the project to completion. I haven’t been contacted by Mr Spender, so it seems the matter is not going to be completed. I don’t know who the people trying to buy it are, but this is no easy project.



Good evening Tony, Nick’s phone is not working, but apparently is operating on Whatsapp, there are no other parties involved now, as I gave him an advance to protect him from the people tying to fleece him. I am only moving it on for him and am looking for the best place to, ideally, place it with an enthusiast who would benefit from the current build level and see it through to completion.

Any suggestions, as to where to put it up for sale, would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Derek

Ideally one should advertise it in several different ways, however I see no reason why you could and should not advertise it in the “For Sale” section of this forum

You would need good photos and information for any sale, unless you want low offers

There are experts owners and collectors on here who can afford it, and you would possibly get realistic offers, although I see no reason why they would offer more than it worth :rofl:

If you are not satisfied, by all means advertise it elsewhere

The contributor @lowdrag quite possibly could put a fair estimate of value range on it, good as anyone by the sound of it

We want to see it now :grinning:

This will be a tricky one to sell, especially in this market. I have no idea how far advanced the build is, how many parts are missing and especially since this is a one-off individual build just what is still to be done. Is the shell complete, are the doors, the suspension, the instruments, wheels, tyres, seats, and so many other parts all there? If you buy a Realm kit, you know what you are getting, but here it is not the case. I need detailed photos to even give you a clue, but I can’t seeing this being worth very much.

Good morning Tony, it is just the engine that is for sale, there is no car, kind regards, Derek

What engine is it though? Most are worth no more than the scrap value nowadays but if a 3.8 E-type still saleable for racing. With the IVA sales of new kits are falling and builders of replicas cannot find buyers. I’ll ask John if he can sell it.

Has the builder actually been paid for the work thats been done on the engine…Steve

Hello Steve, yes all works have been paid for at every stage of the rebuild, the engine is still at the workshop of the fellow who carried out the rebuild, he is happy to confirm and answer any other questions, kind regards, Derek

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