C Types?..which is best?

I like the C type personally…what are the better ones? why?

I would say that 3,4 or 3,8 is a better option than the much more common 4,2.
Partly to do with their free reving characteristics due to a lighter flywheel.
I maintain that Jaguar should have kept the 3,8 for the E-type, while more torque was good fot the saloon cars. But I think that Lyons saw savings by producing just one engine size🤑

Hi Pete…Obviously in my opinion the original cars(3.4) are the best…but what are you really refering to…if which replica is the best then thats debatable becaus cost then comes into the equation…Im currently building a GRP body Realm(probably cheapest to build) as far as im concerned its the best for me becaus its within my budget…arguably the best C type replicas are those built by Peter Jaye…i think there are only about12…but if you dont think a Realm looks good look here…SteveIMG-2302

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very nice…how accurate are the dimensions?

As far as im aware body is about 2in wider…not sure on length…rear end is cut down irs from xj6 everything else is xj6 with a few changes…just to add its a £35k-£40k self build…not a £250k replica…both are still not real £8M…cars…but not many would know the differance…Steve

Hi Pete

These guys build them according to the “original” spec. Solid rear end, torsion bars up front etc. No idea how close they are but as they are rarely seen with an original few people really can tell. I only know of them as they are in the town where I grew up. https://www.coventry-classics.com/

Prices are $NZ so if the $US gets stronger then all the better. Current rate is about 72 cents to the US$.

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