C178 short tube spanner for 511438 toolkit

Hello Gents, my apologies in advance for this post being a request for parts assistance rather than a question, I have also listed a wanted request in the classifieds. My late Father’s 1948 2 1/2 litre saloon, 511438 was sold earlier this year and is currently undergoing restoration. My posthumous pledge to him was to resurrect the toolkit to a worthy standard, as he always wanted and thanks to the exceptional and ongoing assistance of Roger Payne, I have been able to do so with 1 glaring exception, this being the larger of the 2 short (3 1/4" ) tube spanners that are common to SS Jaguar, p/no. C178. I have been unable to locate one and was hoping someone out there in Jaguar land would be willing/able to help me please. Images are attached.!Image of the tray is not 511438.[SHORTY2|690x369] (upload://2S0cPBKu4NwMg8dZFm11WAUevpm.jpeg)