C2746/1 Starter Motor Pinion

I tried to install my freshly rebuilt C2746/1 starter motor for my 1957 MK VIII but it wouldn’t turn the rebuilt engine on my engine test stand. The starter motor spun nicely in the correct direction by itself when connected to my battery jumper pack, and the engine turned freely by hand using a large breaker bar and socket on the crankshaft nut. But when I installed the starter and powered it with the jumper pack all I got is a minor clunk and the engine didn’t turn. The jumper pack is fully charged and I removed and then reinstalled the starter a few times to investigate what might be wrong. The spacer was in place.
This is a positive ground car and I connected the cables with the negative cable on the lug and positive cable to one of the starter mount bolts. I am wondering if the replacement pinion and sleeve assembly used on the bebuilt starter might have the wrong diameter or number of teeth. Attached are similar pictures of the starter before and after the rebuild. The new pinion has 10 teeth and an outer diameter of 1.165 inches. Can anyone verify if that is correct? I did not measure the pinion before the rebuild. The starter easily moved into place on installation.

I plan on calling the rebuilder tomorrow to discuss the issue. Any advice is welcome.


Paul I had this on my rebuilt 120 engine. In my case it was just poor connections from the jumper clips.

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