Cabin Fire Extinguisher

As the XJR is in the electricians chasing down a failure mode which was cancelling the cruise control and lighting the main brake lights, (not the brake switch) I needed to fix a fire extinguisher to be able to get onto the track this Sunday for a MG track day.
No problem I thought was easy enough on the R, nope this one has a round cross bar whereas the R had a square section tube. So a little bit of manufacturing (read cobbling together) was required.
I had a few L pieces of flat steel that I thought would work so sliced off some lengths.
This was the first form to produce a clamp;
Excuse the messy bench

I didn’t take any further photos until I had finished the shaping :unamused:

I welded the flat parts of the clamp to the bracket of the FE

And the finished article in the car;