Cable problems at MKV

First to my person, my name is Gerhard Waldner living in Switzerland. As you may have noticed, I am new to this worum. Also, my English skills are a bit poor, so I have to take a translation program to help.
To my problem.
I have taken over a MKV saloon vintage 1950 in disassembled condition. Unfortunately, I realized later that I made a big mistake because I do not know which parts are missing, and I can not go back now because I have already invested too much money. Now I hope that I get some help in this way. One of my many problems is where and how were the electrical cables laid in the chassis and body. I’ve already checked with Jaguar Heritage Trust Archive, but unfortunately she could not help me. Is there anyone in this forum who can help me with this problem? Another problems is likely to be the installation of the sunroof, but I will later report back to this Forum.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Welcome, Geri: you have come to the right place!

@Ed_Nantes and @Rob_Reilly will become two of your best new friends.

Hello Geri,

This might be of assistance to you? It’s a complete wiring manual for sale from Welsh Enterprises in the USA for $25.25 + Post.

Good Luck,

Hello Tim.
Thank you very much for the tip, I ordered a copy right away.

A warm greeting from Switzerland


Gerhard Waldner

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Hi Geri,

This should be able to help you as well - it is the Spare Parts Manual for the MkV
Cheers, Jon.

Hi Jon
Thank you for your help. I already have these Manual but it can not help me with my problem. Because there is no drawing included, where the cables are laid in the chassis and the body. But still very much thanks.

Greetings from Switzerland


Welcome, Gerhard.
Assuming a continental Europe delivery, your car would use this wiring diagram.

I drew these for my own car, which is a LHD saloon with USA specification lighting.

The red lines are the wiring harness.
My car has the wiring for semifore trafficators, but the wires are not used, because cars for the USA did not have trafficators. Instead it has separate individual wires running to the front and rear turn signals. They were sort of bundled with the main harness as an obvious add-on.
For a RHD car the only differences in this drawing would be the dimmer and brake light switch wiring would be on the other side.

Hello Rob
Thank you very much for your help, should the Wiring Diagram - MK V from Welsh Enterprise not have the desired success, your drawings are very helpful.
Kind regards

Hallo Geri, or Grüezi! :smiley:

Well, I might not become your best friend, but like the say in the south of the US : “I know a little.”

The wiring diagram is necessary, but it does NOT tell you where the cables are supposed to go. Rob’s drawings tell you also that. (Which is great)

I had a slightly similar situation with my car (#647194) 15 years ago, and it’s still going on. The latest US restoration from the 1970’s in OK or CO, USA had left out the reverse lamp and horn wiring completely (legal requirements over here that those work) and additionally the imaginitive electrician had only used black wire (thick) and white wire (thin) so debugging it had been a nightmare especially with all the bad earth connections.

Also in Switzerland you have very knowledgeable people like Georg Dönni, who instead of Autospark suggested I get all new wiring for my MKV DHC from Rhode Island Wiring in USA. And he was right, it is perfect (albeit a bit expensive) as all wires look correct, have correct colouring, correct connectors, including the few in-line fuse holders etc.

No affiliations, just a happy customer of both:

Dönni Classic Car AG, CH-6265 Roggliswil
(Georg’s workshop did a service for our 1972 V12 E-type OTS in 2018 and did a fine job fixing problems and tuning the carbs)

Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc. RI, USA

My omission
of you, being a great source of information, was a glaring error on my part, and not meant as a slight…:wink:

Now, he has another great friend!

Hi Paul,

By no means did I insinuate anything like that. Many of you may have noticed that I still have a daytime job as well as kids going to school. :smiley: Oh well, only one kid going to school now. (Our oldest daughter is graduating and already working for a game company in Copenhagen DK, and her sister is studying industrial design near Helsinki, at the Aalto University)

So I may not be on-line all the time, although now weather is not really permitting open top wind in your hair motoring over here for a few months. Cheers!

Maybe not, but I’d love to see ski racks on your MkV, like you had on your E Type!



No racks necessary, but we did go skiing last April during the Easter holidays with the MKV DHC.
Skis fitted well in the back.

And sorry for Geri and other members for this kind of side drifting (off topic!). :smiley:

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Hi Pekka
Thank you very much for your help.
I already got the complete wiring harness at Worcester Classic Spares Parts. I just hope that he fits and all cables are available.
At Dönni I have already tried it, unfortunately without success. He has very little until no MK V parts.

Greetings from Switzerland

Hi Geri,

Ahhh, good to know. Yes Dönni and basically nobody but Worcester Classic Spares has MKV parts in stock or available, except for some special cases. :slight_smile:

I only meant that he knows a lot and in some cases can do the work as they have a long experience with old Jaguars. But glad to know you may get the old girl back to life sometime soon!

Greetings form Helsinki
Pekka T.

However, with front suspension, engine mounts, gearbox, u-joints and many electrical parts, the XK120 uses the same parts, so there is a wider choice.

Thanks for the word on Rhode Island Wiring. I wonder about inline fuse holders, as my old wiring did not have any. I will be ordering a new set soon.

Geri, what is your chassis number?
Mine is 627933, currently in restoration mode.

Greetings from Chicago.


Also on mine the instrument lights were missing completely, I now have two panels, both for two lights, one mounted in the car and one in strorage. The latter one has a metal in-line fuse in the feed for the map light IIRC. And I think I found this in the wiring diagram or somewhere, I will have to look it up again. I can also send pictures some time later once I get back home. anyways I recall seeing a similar in-line fuse holder in the Rhode Island Wiring looms that I ordered and received a few years ago.

And yes, for parts availability, there are some screws and nuts you can order as XJ40 parts (BA sized for interior) and many other parts that were shared

Me and Ulf were putting an Excel spreadsheet together with part interchagability about a decade ago, but I guess we got busy with other things. I could try to dig it up form the archives. There is also a Jaguar publicatioin from the late 1950’s with old and new part numbers that may be helpful to the MKV owner looking for parts as most of the “usuals” say no when you ask for a part for a MKV or MKIV, but when you ask for the same part for an XK120 or MKVII they say that of course they have it. :smiley:

Hi Rop

Chassis number: 520782
Engine number: H 2794
Body number: G5501
Gearbox number: SH 5076
Production Record Trace Certificate number 44182
Greetings from Switzerland

Very good, quite right, I forgot about that one, I have it too, and it is indeed shown on the wiring diagrams.

I have to say that SNG Barrett do have quite a lot of parts for MKV’s and I have found them very helpful. For instance, I have just found that they have rough castings of the Water Rails for 3.5L which require machining and polishing but they are there. The more people who buy these things then the longer they will be production.


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