Cadmium plating alternative for UK

Does anyone know what gives the best and closest appearance as an alternative to the banned cadmium plating on the XK120 glass brake fluid reservoir cap?

Mine was painted black so I painted it black.

Yes, could be black, could be carmium.

I am probably overfilling the brake fluid but twice my black paint has got damaged by even the smallest leak through the top.

I’m pretty sure mine was chrome, could be wrong and it’s packed away

spelling - Cadmium

We had a thread in 2020 about these brake fluid reservoirs.
It turned out that some were plated and some not.
So yet another inconsistency with XK120.

Thanks for that.
If I may I will go back to my question, which is what is the nearest plating that looks like cadmium that is currently available ( in the UK).
This is for the top/lid, not the brass plate.