Caliper guide pins front

I have an 89 xj40 and I broke one trying to source a new one while i drill out the snapped one, i dont know what brakes i have but the brake cylinder says garlan, rear pins are a dime a dozen but the fronts are longer and wont work , i think, cant find fromt pins. Rock auto has some but not for tervis and no sizes are given, ideas?I

I think that brake cylinder says Girling, they are brake manufacturers - not sure but I think earlier cars like yours are not Teves?? just guessing tho, don’t know. Check your system against the VIN, there are a couple of brake systems on the earlier cars and going by model year can get you the wrong bits. Go here, get the part number then google that number.

Thanks, I just hit my frustration level on this one!

I have a 89 and the brakes are Girling. All parts available at Rock Auto . pins $8.00 Rebuilt calipers are about $75.00. John, no affil

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Only ones I could find there were rear pins, too short for the front but I did finally find them just awaitng delivery.

This page shows how I fabbed some pins for Girling calipers.