Calling all '89 owners

Gents …

I’m down to the last few odds and ends before I fire up (hopefully) my engine after a cylinder head job.
Of course it comes down to the very last electrical plug and I’ll be darned if I can figure out what it plugs in to …

Sorry, not an 89 here, but could that be oxygen sensor? Other end could be down below the wiper motor?

Two wires only? What are their colours?

I can try to take a look at mine after I get off work today.

Icant see where it goes but the wites run under the intake manifold and go forward .

Starter solenoid, if that is the round thing on top of starter and behind the heater hoses. Thats where mine goes

David beat me to it. Just got home from work and confirmed that it goes under the intake and to the starter. That would make sense because removing the leads from the starter while on the car is done purely by feel with no line of sight.

Thank you guys I really appreciate your help …


Early on I decided to put in a new starter while I had everything easily accessible … but I FORGOT to switch over the starter solenoid electrical connecter. ARGH !! Here I was looking at the new starter (which I installed as soon as it arrived) just sitting in there in the open for 2 weeks and it would have been so-o-o easy. :disappointed_relieved:

When I put the intake manifold on this morning with it’s associated 10.000 parts I keep saying to myself “This is going way to easy, I know something will bite me when I have it all installed and tightened up”

And the starter solenoid connector appears to be the final kiss goodbye on my prophecy.

Fortunately a quick crawl under the car tells me it may be possible to do to connect it from underneath.

After that the only thing remaining is splicing in the new fuel injector connecters and turning the key and holding my breath.

Groove, it can be done while on the car, just not easily. I speak from experience. It definitely sticks out in my mind as one of the more difficult things to access. I’m also fairly certain it can be accessed from the top if the air inlet tubing is removed.

Brett …

*" It definitely sticks out in my mind as one of the more difficult things to access." … YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN !!!

From under the car it seems like it would be so easy to just reach up there and spin on two little screws. I can even see where they screw in. but after an hour of trying in vain I just ended up with a cramped right hand.

Plan 2 was to go at it from the top. I tried to remove the rear inlet tube for access. 3 of the bolts came out with no problem, but of course the hardest bolt to get to (bottom rear) started to round over or was getting ready to break and I stopped right there. there is NO WAY I wanted to deal with a stripped bolt on the bottom of the intake manifold. UNBELIEVABLE.

So Plan 3 will be to actually remove the starter motor, which has only 2 bolts. One very easy to get to and the other crazy hard that you have to lower the transmission a bit for even limited access.

I can’t tell you how frustrating this is considering everything else is complete and the car is just waiting for me to turn the key.

Just check out if you can gain access to the top bolt by removing the wiper motor, something in the back of my mind?

Hi Robin…

Yes I finally got the 2 wires back on the solenoid reverting back to my original plan, from underneath the car.

But like everything Jaguar nothing is as it should be !

Because of the very restrictive space reaching up from below I had to do it by feel and there was no way that I could hold the very small screw that secures the wire connectors to the solenoid AND get the wire connector on it AND get it to start threading on. What to do ?

So I came up with the idea of using longer bolts that I modified to give me something to hold on to. Also I used hex heads vs round heads so it would be easier to tighten by feel. You can see where I rounded the nut for clearance and then super glued it into place. This worked very well.


But of course there was a final wrinkle. Both Bosch starters were identical EXCEPT where the old starter had a slightly bigger screw on the top, the new starter reversed this and had the smaller screw on top (but the 2 wire positions stayed the same). Since I wasn’t aware of the change and I was working blind don’t even ask me how long it took me to figure this out.