***Calling All E type OTS Enthusiasts: Boot Seal Big Buy!

I agree,

What he said.

2 weeks it is.

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I just finished installing the new seal. I was really impressed how snugly it fit on the lip of the boot and filled the recess that it fits into. Now I need to adjust the hinges a bit but my boot lid really doesn’t match the contour of the body all that well so I guess I’ll never get that 100 point score (as if I ever would). My order of 3.5 M left 22" or 56 cm extra. Thanks again, Candie, for all of you efforts and hassle to make this group order work.


Hi Mark,
Is it that the boot lid is too convex (common) on the L and or R edges compared to the quarter panels? If yes, this can normally be fixed without damage to the paint.


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So glad it worked for you. We will be taking some shims out and see where that leaves us.

Yup. That’s exactly what the problem is. Is there a fix other than using a BFH?

Candie……. I have watched this with interest and just flicked through the thread you have done a power of work on this ……simply thank you



I’d be interested in hearing how to reduce the curvature on the two sides of the boot lid to better match the quarter panels too.


Thank you!

Pleased to offer anything in return for all the gracious assistance I get from the incredible minds here.

Updated, if there is a length next to the name,
I have heard back confirming their internet in the next group buy.

If not still pending.

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I’m ecstatic. The boot lid seal fits perfectly. It is an improvement both esthetically in the rain gutter, and as a proper seal. And, most important, lid bulge is eliminated! Contour is perfect. I was able to remove three of the four latch shims, and the lid closes with a proper push instead of sharp slam, just like it did back in the day.

Note, I had to source 1/2" fasteners, as the 3/4" in place likely would have popped through the lid after removal of the shims.

THANK YOU @c1nicole !!


New seal on right:

New seal on left:



In case you didn’t get my email, I am in for at least 3.5 meters.
Spike Jones

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plus 20

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That looks fantastic. We also had to remove shims. Could not be more pleased this is working out for so many!

Hoping more will post up pictures of seal fitted.


noted and updated, thank you.

Wow!! The difference is starkly plain to see… :open_mouth::heart_eyes:

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8 more days to the 2 week cut off to determine if I will place another order.

If there are any members that you think may want to get in on another group buy, please tag them.


Hi Candiece. Could you please put me down for 4 metres. Thanks.

Hi Candiece
I would also be interested in 3.5 meters. Would you ship to Canada?


I am unsure as to the shipping cost to Canada, the last order several of the Canadian members ordered but they had a US shipping address. Perhaps you know or they do how much from my US zip 73034 to you would be?

Is your shipping to Canada or US? I am unsure of the cost to ship from Oklahoma to Canada.