***Calling All E type OTS Enthusiasts: Boot Seal Big Buy!

These items are far smaller/lighter weight than the boot seal material, as such, I will check with post office tomorrow to see what cost will be to ship, I see no need to use to medium flat rate box. The U-channel material is VERY light weight and small. The door seal is light weight as well.

Will update once I have actual shipping cost.

3.5 metres is fine with me.

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7m instead of 12m, no problem.

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Thank you Geoff. Appreciate that!

Thank you!

That’s perfect.

Hey there, Candie. I finally got across the border to my US mail dropoff and picked up the seals for Dino, Allan and myself - we’re getting together on Monday for a long jaunt in our Es so I’ll pass them on then. The seal is a perfect fit. Clamps securely onto the lip of the opening and the bootlid closes easily. I turfed my ratty original almost 40 years ago and have been dissatisfied with its replacement ever since. Can’t thank you enough for your effort.

As already noted many times above, 4 meters isn’t required. Mine took a hair over 3 meters.



It makes me SO happy to hear the positive feedback about this seal!!! Woohoo. :smiley:

Makes all the effort worth while. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Excited to hear how Dino & Allan do with the seal.

Enjoy the jaunting in the “E’s”. Not going to lie, a little jealous. :crazy_face:

Appreciate you taking the time to update on length and fit.


Above I have noted received payments.

As a friendly reminder, please send VENMO payment as friend to friend and NOT purchase or service. If you select payment to me as “purchase or service” they deduct a fee, and if you are paying the exact amount, I will be in the negative. :woozy_face:

The last 4 of my cell number is 2388, you will be asked that to confirm payment.

Will be sending out the first batch of orders this evening to those that have sent payments. :+1:

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I am also ok with the 3.5m. Thanks again for doing this

Thank you, but all good now!

Appreciate the offer.

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As noted with photos I posted earlier in this thread, my seal installed easily, and reshaped my boot lid fit to perfection. Bulge gone!

I bought 7 meters, and split it with my buddy who has a 66 OTS. He’s a wallflower on J-L, and reports his 3.5 meter allotment solved his bulging boot lid problem, too. We’re both happy campers.


3.5 Meters is fine with me.

All good now, thank you for the offer.

I will list you as 4M, but 3.5 if the need arises.

Thank you.

@SpeedieJag James Waite # JDS15


Please email me with your mailing address so I can get shipping cost for you as your package is quite small and light weight.

Thank you.


Assembly line started. :grin:

Reminds me of my old days working at godfathers pizza folding boxes. :nerd_face:

Hubs had to take an unexpected trip to KS. Will need his help unwinding/measuring/cutting. The large rolls are a bit too much for me to tackle with one good arm.

Promise I’ll get rubber cut/boxed/dropped at post office/tracking info for those of you that have paid by Sunday!


Candie, you’re the best! You have contributed far more in deed to so many in need than anyone else on this site has ever done. Seriously.

Oh, okay, there were those guys who drove a few miles to help you with a little engine problem. But gee whiz… :grin:


Should I drive down again?




You are welcome at my home ANYTIME!

Gonna say yes because I would love to see you!

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This will sound funny: how long is your husband gonna be out of town?



I can’t with you, just spit my coffee all over the lap top!