Calling all Webasto Sunroof owners

Im trying to gather as much info on Webasto sunroofs as I can.
Ive purchased a MK X that has one. It’s in horrible shape, but I suspect all the pieces are there. It’s just taken apart and in the trunk of the car. Maybe its all there.
It’s a pretty big sunroof 36" X 48" .
Im not really sure how its supposed to go together and its in quite a few pieces.
So, anyone out there that has one, or knows where I can get some information on Webasto’s from the mid 60’s please let me know.
Ive searched the net and can only find one company that claims to be able to supply some parts, but they can’t even tell me what model I may have, and Yes, Ive sent them photos.
Their suggestion is the buy an entirely newer model from them and a fairly expensive outlay.
Kinda defeats the purpose of the whole restoration philosophy.

WOW, Guess this isn’t much of a hot topic?
Surely someone out there has one in their car?

I had one on my Aston Martin; and it was in bad shape. My upholsterer put a new top on for me, and it was not that complicated. My car had sat outside for years, and just like a convertible top, they can only last so long. Webasto has been around for years, and I believe someone took them over.

Im just looking for a source for few parts to get mine back into working order.