Cam oil feed pipe fitting on block on XJ motor

Does anyone have a photo of the fitting that threads into the block just forward of the oil filter housing? And what the thread size is?

I am assuming its a 90 degree fitting…

Btw Jaguar made this change at some point and blocked off the oil feed on the rear left hand side of the engine. Not sure why but they did…

Ron, the cam feed line was changed from the rear main to the oil filter block, probably some time in the 70s. It does not feed from the gallery but from the oil filter housing. They stopped drilling the old location. The new line is screwed into the top of the housing. It makes more sense to me, the oil does not have to pass through (past) a bearing before it gets to the cams. Cheaper machining, easier to fit as well.

Two styles:

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The blanking plugs in the block are 1/2" UNF but the oil sender is I think 3/8 BSP, very similar but just over 1/2" and 19 TPI, I turned mine by using the alloy adaptor block from a series3 XJ6, the adapter to one of the blanking plug holes. you can see it in the picture, This is the series3 XJ6 3.4 engine going into my Mk2 saloon,

It was a pleasant surprise to me , to find the XJ6 oil cam feed pipe , fitted straight into the MK2 oil filter housing , no bending needed , amazing :thinking:

20170514_160247 - Copy


Perfect Matchless! I even have that fitting and was trying to figure out where it went after having this engine apart for so long!

Thank you so much. And good luck with your MK II, beautiful sedans!