Camber tool , will it work?

I want to set up me suspension, then drive it around a bit then have it done professionally. Will this work for me as a starting point ?
Thanks Jim

Technique looks good. Maybe double check at a few wheel rotations to assure wheel geometry is not warped. Also check your weld tabs width to level measure side on your tool to know how close those two weld tabs are in length. And make sure the weld tabs are not fouling on the tires.

Absolutely good enough as a starting point.

Yes, if you have a flat floor and remember the geometry and trigonometry you learned in school. I used a plumb bob, a pair of steel scale rulers and a calculator with sines and cosines etc on it. When I took it to the alignment shop I had a coupon for a free alignment check; they said it was already aligned, no changes, no charge.
Torsion bars are set first.

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Thank you fellas . I think I might be able to use that tool for castor , more googling required.

There are two flat surfaces on the rear of each upright which define a plane which is parallel to the steering axis. You can determine castor directly by measuring the inclination of this plane from vertical.


Jim, my mate Gerry did something similar, but I think a lot simpler, many years ago to set up camber on Cobras. Scroll down past the bit about lights.


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