Camshaft identification

(bernardeen) #1

Hi all,
I am rebuilding a 3.4 engine from a mk7 jag and am trying to identify the camshafts the exhaust is stamped 2237 and the inlet 4488 also the inlet cam has a much smaller nose radius than the exhaust.
Any thoughts?
Update,-I have seen that c2237 is correct exhaust cam for 3.4 engine but still cannot find any reference to a c4488 cam

(Rob Reilly) #2

C.4488 is listed in the Mark VII parts catalogue as an alternative to C.4489, both being Inlet cams, but there is no explanation as to why there are two.
There are also two alternate Exhaust cams; C.2237 and C.4038, again with no explanation.
Perhaps there were slightly different profiles, or different component suppliers?
These four are presumably all 5/16" lift, as the later cam offerings of 3/8" lift are C.5717 and C.5718 which were initially special order and later standard.
The Inlet cam opening and closing angles were different from early XK120, which used C.2444, also 5/16" lift.

(bernardeen) #3

Thanks very much for the clarification.
I was just worried whether a special cam had been fitted at some time to know the clearance needed
thanks again

(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #4

The Mk 7 cam, inlet 5/16 lift, had: inlet 10 50 valve -cam spec, exhaust is 15 57 . The XK120 cams were all 15 57 57 15. Svc Manual p B,.44., so slight difference. On a 5/16 cam, Expect to measure 1.360 at the lobe. And 1.04 .circumference off lobe, (there will likely be + or – thousandths on both) I would like to know what measurement you find with a quality caliper., Thanks, Nick

(Michael Rogers) #5

were these 3/8" cams used through to the end?–seems to me that they are all interchangeable aren’t they?

(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #6

While 3/8 lift remained , the cams did evolve…early were 2 bolt holes in the flange, later 4 holes, also as cam profile, and clearances changed, a groove was machined in the flange. To know what cam you have/what it will fit, what clearances, and the tach drive ends, make notes of all this, all numbers, etc…post here.,.or contact an expert on Jaguar cam differences and fitment,. By the way…when ever cams are out…be sure the internal oilways are cleaned and free of obstruction, Nick