Can a Tow bar be fitted on the F Type

Has anyone successfully fitted a tow bar on the F Type? I would like to put a trailer on the back to take my other classic Jaguar to car shows - some 70 years between them!!

I would
Imagine you could. I am taking an educated guess that you would only be able to safely tow 200-400kgs. Certainly not another car. Unless extensive modifications are done that may jeopardize your F Type handling.

First place to check would be the owners manual. I would tend to agree with James that your F Type might not comfortably tow a car on trailer combo successfully.

Im going with the others, here: it is highly doubtful the F can tow that much weight.

I am told by Jaguar that in the UK the F Type has not gone through government testing and approval to tow anything or any weight (so this is likely to be the same in other countries as well). It would therefore be illigal to fit a tow bar and drive the car with a trailer on the public roads UNLESS the converted car was taken into a Government test centre and given a special certificate.

I am therefore abandoning the idea!!

Good idea. I had a friend who pulled a 16" inboard/outboard with his Celica. The boat and trailer overpowered the car and pushed it around. Not a pleasant experience.