Can An Existing Ad In Classified Be Modified

I would like to modify the price on an ad I have running in the classifieds. I don’t see any function for that. Is there a way or do I just cancel it and prepare a new ad?


You can edit the ad just as you would edit your post here.

I asked if an existing classified item could be modified, and the response was yes.

I have tried to edit an ad, but typing has no effect on the existing text. What am I missing??


Have you ever edited something? After you click on the edit option, the text field should appear. The left side is for editing, the right a preview. Then you need to click on save edit and that should be it. Where are you ‘thrown out’?
Maybe the Classified section is different, I wouldn’t know.

Are you trying to edit the title or the ad itself?

To edit the text you want to click on the pencil icon below the text and just to the right of the chain links icon.

Looks like there was a bug in Discourse at some point, hopefully fixed by now. But, it did affect some ads here. If you find yourself unable to edit or delete an ad, just let one of the admins know in a DM, and they’ll take care of it for you.

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