Can anyone identify this item? MKV


I dropped the oil pan out of my MKV today for the first time as part of my restoration. I discovered this small item laying at the bottom of the pan.

It has a cupped internal section with a tiny hole which does not seem to protrude far past what the eye can see. On its other end, it has a very tiny nipple.

Can anyone help in identifying the part? Bit of a concern if it has been dislodged from within the engine’s internals.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Frank

Top end of a cam tappet.

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Thank you very much Rob for your very detailed photo and identification of the part. I checked the workshop manual and could not identify the part. Your knowledge and support is greatly appreciated.

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Without knowing anything about your engine other than the your remarks above, it could be that bit coming off the tappet led to an abrupt shutoff of the ignition switch and no further running of hobbled engine. Separation of the tappet end might have caused little or no further damage. Or there may be other discoveries ahead. Curious minds would like to see and learn from other photos as engine comes apart further. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Roger
Although the car is in restoration mode and is up on stands at present, I have had the engine start and run faultlessly over the past several years since taking ownership and it revs and idles well.
I have only driven the car under its own power to the end of the driveway when on its wheels in the past to flush the motor/radiator etc.
I shall investigate further and update posts with pics.
Cheers Frank

Hi Rob

I will inspect the tappets in the engine and have a closer look to see if each are complete!
Should the top end of the tappets (the piece I found in my sump) be fixed securely to each rod so it would be impossible or near impossible to pull out and separate from the rod?
Also would I need to remove the tappet blocks to gain the access and inspect the tappets or can I simply withdraw them to have a visual inspection?
The manual description (page B.59) appears to say I do not need to remove the blocks.

Thanks Frank

I never paid much attention to the tappets, did not realize the top cup was a separate piece. It appears to be pressed in, at least this one is tight.

You might take off the rocker cover and see if all your push rods and rockers are moving about the same. Maybe it fell off years ago and somebody replaced the tappet and never retrieved the loose piece out of the sump.

Otherwise better take off the side cover and have a look. You should be able to see the tops of the tappets there.

At first I thought it was the top end of a push rod, which is similar, but they seem to be welded in.

Great Rob
Thanks very much for the detailed info and pictures to support.
Yes I thought myself that it may have been replaced with the old cupped cap never retrieved from the sump.
I will inspect as soon as I get the chance…
Thanks Frank