Can anyone recommend a good basic OBD scanner/fault code reader?

I want one that’s just basic but good and reliable, but don’t want to pay too much as my X308 of 12 years has never told me it has fault codes, but my 2001 Astra has a couple of times. UK based, and maybe looking on ebay. Thanks all.

The basic hand helds are around 40 to 60 dollars now, fault/code and clear.
Its a simple unit.

I just bought a couple of the blue elm327 clones for about 3 quid off eBay. Work quite well with a phone app.

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Depends what you call “too much”…!

I got a Vident iLINK 400 for my s/c 308 does what I want and covers most systems on the car. Paid about £150 as I recall.


Would this be okay?

Interesting I purchased one and it dosen’t connect to my ‘99 XJR :frowning:
Which App did you use? I was trying it with the Torque app

try a few different settings to get it to connect…if it doesnt have a User Manual to show you how, its probably not much good.

The BAFX unit is guaranteed to work on all post '96, about $30 online.

The ELM327 stuff on eBay is generally rubbish. I’ve bought 2 and borrowed one and whilst they all connected OK to the various applications I tried, none would read any codes which kind of restricts their usefulness!

I now have one from Carista, along with their app of the same name. The dongle also works with Torque and most of the other apps I’ve tried.

I am using the car scanner app and it works on my 96 x300

I’ve bought several cheap OBD2 readers for my 96 XJS…seem to work just fine.

u480 for wired ones were always available for about $10USD. Cheap, simple and it works? Check eBay as well.

If you use an iPhone, you will have to make sure the ELM27 dongle you buy is WiFi and not Bluetooth. If you have an Android, it won’t matter which one, but I believe Bluetooth is the better way to go.

For iPhone, I use OBD Fusion. It’s fine. There really isn’t a whole lot of good options with the iPhone.