Can I cut this bolt?

(Joel Stobbe) #1

On my Mk IX, behind the amp meter gauge, there is a bolt with a butterfly nut on it. Can anybody tell me what purpose it serves? I am wanting to replace the gauge with a voltmeter gauge as I have an alternator in the car now. This bolt is in the way, and I cannot see that it is serving any useful purpose being this long. Is this bolt original, and can I cut it?




(Robin O'Connor) #2

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(peder) #3

What did you do with the PS pump, now that you have the alternator?

(Joel Stobbe) #4

Perhaps this photo will work. It is the rusty bolt coming straight down from the top but I’m wondering if I can cut.

I bought the alternator from classic auto air. It has the power steering unit off of the back of the alternator.

(peder) #5

Oh, so it has a rectagonal slot, into which the outgoing axle of the pump fits? Very easy mounting of pump to alternator?!
That rusty pin with wing nut does not look original. My Mk9 has the wooden panel off, so very easy to remove the Amps meter, but the car is 350 miles away. Will go there in 10 days time.

(Rob Reilly) #6

Looks like you can remove that bolt and wing nut and put in a short bolt and hex nut going the other way.