Can I tow a many year stood auto box car a short distance?

My 5.3L V12 has been stood for about 19 years in my garage, will it damage the automatic gearbox if I tow the car for about 20 metres in (neutral) to a place where I can get at it to hopefully recommision the car for use.
I am thinking that as the gearbox would be in neutral, during the tow the engine would not be turning over (as I want to renew oil etc).
Thanks for any advice Folks.

Why can’t you tow it from the other end?

Generally not a good idea to tow with driven wheels on the ground.

Wait… I understand now… you’re gonna flat tow it. I always rented a two wheels up trailer from uhaul until I bought a car hauler.

20 metres isn’t going to do any harm, less than walking pace i’m sure, if you’re really really unsure, disconnect the drive shaft…nothing moving in neutral but the back shaft and drum

20 meters! I’m home bed ridden for eye surgery so I didn’t read that. No big deal at all. Do it!

That’s basically like having a flat bed tow truck pull it up from being parked in neutral on the street behind the truck - no problem … and with Jaguars … that is done quite often. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I just woke up from a nap :woozy_face: and read the title of your post as

“Can I tow an auto boxcar a short distance”

Being a train nerd (foamer), I got very excited albeit confused. :wink:


eye surgery!!..hope it’s going well for you…my doctor suggested i should get a flu shot…& it worked…now i have the flu…don’t know if i want to sway with you though

20 meters is only about 70 feet… or do you really mean kilometers… you could push it by hand 70 feet… please clarify

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Detached retina. They replaced my eyeball juice with a gas bubble and laser welded the retina back in place. I have to keep head in certain position so gas bubble is against the back of my eye. Now I can’t work on Jags for a month!

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i feel your pain…is someone reading these post for you i hope…take care, time will fly & you’ll be busting knuckles & fumes up the nose in no time…

John6, hope the eye surgery works for you.

I had eye surgery 7 months ago, macular pucker, had to remove some stuff and glue other stuff back in place. That first month, like you, was very limited everything, and 6 months for full recovery/healing.

The surgery was a success (I can see better now, even had to reduce my prescription on my glasses) but the double vision is still there. I can now more clearly see double.

Detached retina … not good! Wishing you well and a full and successful recovery.


Hi Scrimbo,
Yes sorry if I confused anybody, I am only goung about 20 metres (or less).
Yes, with friends the car could be pushed, I just thought towed for overcoming brake binding, although I will try to ease them first.

Hi Jeff,
Train Nerd myself, know where you are coming from.

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