Can someone explain the topic categories to me?

Every time I sign on, the topic categories are in a different sequence. Not only do topics appear in random sequence, but topics disappear and reappear. So tonight, I can’t see the XJS or the XJ forums. Pub comes and goes. And so on. I suppose this is a feature, not a bug, but can someone 'splain to me the mechanism and reasoning?

A recent change.
Seems Now in order by newest post.

Haven’t had the other issues.
I just go to the “all categories” listing.

Edit: Yep, just checked. Now Site Feedback is first.

Now it the XK forum up first, it’s a merry-go-round.

Latest shows them in order of latest post.

You can set your default in, but unfortunately you can’t select a single category or a list of them.

That all makes sense, but @Michael_Frank is also having this problem.
Anyone else notice this ?

@Michael_Frank can’t see those two categories because they are on his mute list.

If you mute a category then it doesn’t appear for you (in top, latest, or new).

I can go in ans see the categories I muted earlier but don’t see how to add to the mute list? How is that done? I’m wishing to mute categories that were added after I set things up originally.

Just click anywhere in the muted list, a list of categories you haven’t muted yet will appear. Select as appropriate. In your case the direct link to your mute list is:

Ah, I see. I needed to click in a white area in the muted list box to do it.


So…it’s a feature…that’s pretty funny.

That the software displays the categories you haven’t muted in order of latest post has been a feature of discourse since the day we went live.

Perhaps I misunderstand what you’re objecting to?

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