Can this leather be reconditioned?

I’m posting this question on the XK site, as this seems to be the most active forum for DIY restorations.
This is my 68 420G (altho the seats of my XK140 are also have the problem – but probably beyond repair). The rear seats (especially the top of the backs) have developed hardening, cracks and fading.

I have read/heard from innumerable sources that there are conditioners that will miraculously revive the leather, with nothing other than some miracle cream and a lot of elbow grease.

If so, what to try?

…or should I just replace the covers?


Search the archives, under lister Andrew Waugh: it may be back 10-15 years, but he salvaged leather in his 3.8 MkII, that I thought was unsalvageable.

Not sure that this is salvageable, but I’ve always had good results with leatherique products.

Best one to answer that question is our resident expert in leather restoration, @Robert_Laughton.

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Thanks, Nick!

Lots of good info there.

Great info. Thanks for the references.
I suppose if there were no alternatives (e.g., PETA eliminated cows and cowhides), the toil to recondition would be worthwhile…

Ballo, where are you located?

Leatherique Canada

Louisville, Kentucky, area