Can this price be correct? Seems way to low

This price almost seems reasonable. Tempting!!!

nothing, click bait, possible data trawler

It’s just an ad from Gullwing Motors. Sorry if I scared you.

What is the stock item number.

It is #23194 1957 Jaguar XK150.

Its gone now.

I guess that answers my question.

My E-Type remained on the usual conduits for months after it was sitting in my garage. I asked the seller (a seller’s broker) why he didn’t take it down, he said that he doesn’t get any money back so he might as well use the ad as a lead generator possibly to move someone to another car.

The REALLY dishonest ones will advertise a car that they don’t have any connection with or that sold months or years earlier.

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Funny you should mention that. I bought my '120 project a few years ago already from a broker and six months after, someone cut and pasted the sales text along with pictures and posted it on ebay 2000 miles off in Minnesota. I brought it to ebay’s attention but they didn’t seem to care and the auction ended up running its course. The thing that left me just a little bit insulted though was that it didn’t meet the auction reserve.


I wonder if you bid and won, would the seller be able to show the car in your garage and demand payment?

…prolly not, huh?

It’s now on ebay. Seem’s like a good buy.!!

Dunno: given the rust issues these suffer from, that may or may not be a good price. Close inspection needed.

From a distance, I can see worrisome areas.

According to their website it’s now sold.
They sold this lovely XK150 “S” Roadster eight weeks ago.for a very realistic.$117.500. IMHO.

Off ebait again as of 9AM, it was an unrestored and non-running off road since 1988 but fairly complete early 150 3.4L OTS with rusty rear wing joints and door bottoms, non-matching numbers and heritage certificate, priced at $34,500.

I have been searching for an XK for 6-8 years and can tell you that ad is not untypical for a XK-150 in pretty rough shape. Don’t be deceived by the 20-ft photos. As in many similarly priced cars, look carefully at the door and fender bottom edges, that car looks to be full of rust. Notice that there are no photos of the bottom of the car, I wouldn’t ever consider a car of this age without seeing and studying bottom thoroughly. Finally, though it may have a period correct engine, it is not the original engine for that car. Beware of low priced Jaguar XK’s.

Very wise advice. I have purchased a handful of junk cars because my emotions got the better of me. I will take your suggestions to heart before buying another car.

I know someone selling a 2017 fully-restored 52 XK coupe White/Beige leather for $95k if interested