Can you please help me identify these Saloon rear view mirrors ?..maybe XK or pre-XK

I have pics of these mirrors and I wish to identify them.

They are all for sale

I am hoping the one 3rd right, top row, and the 2 last pics is a MK9 ?, (as I have someone wanting one)

The one 1st left, bottom row is a MK7M, very good condition

No idea on the other 3


Hard to tell what the one on the lower two pictures is. The mirror head looks like a typical “Wingard” as used on the XK 140 and XK 150. But this version is designed to be positioned above the windscreen, so Saloon, FHC or DHC version.
The “swivel” mechanism, however, is different from what I’ve seen so far and I don’t believe it’s Wingard.
From the late Fifties onward, Jaguar went to Lucas for interior mirrors (I believe Mk X was the first) and some of these Lucas mirrors have a similar “bullet” design of swivel (although not 100% identical to what you show). But the Lucas mirror head itself is completely different again. So I’m afraid I cannot help you.
I guess may be a later Wingard mirror design (but not supplied to Jaguar) or an attempt to repair an interior mirror using parts from Wingard and/or Lucas.

Sorry, cannot upload any pics at the moment as the site says there’s “an error during upload”. Tried it 5 times…

Bob K.

Thanks for your answer

( I did just mention the photo upload problem in site feedback, as there was a photo issue the other day)

Its slightly possible that some of these mirrors are not from Jaguars (but doubtful)

I am surprised that no-one has been able to ID the so far unidentified mirrors

On a positive note for me. After reading these posts and backtracking to the other mirror post from yesterday I now realise what I thought was an XK120 mirror is in fact a MkVII mirror. :slight_smile: Thanks for the inadvertent help.

Btw Tony, whereabouts are you?

If you check this thread…and the thread I have about MK7 parts fitting XKs (and via some PMs I have had, the slightly ovalised MK7 mirror is correct for most XK120, so you are probably ok.)

One poster highlighted there are some variations in the XK120 mirrors, some early ones are smaller, but often have been replaced by the MK7 mirror

I sold one to an XK120 owner, and as we discussed, only very few expert posters on this forum would ever be able to say “thats not the exactly correct mirror for your year car”

…and the very early ones sound impractically small

I sent you a PM

Thanks Tony.

I responded to your PM.

My takeaway from the mirror discussion is that even though the MkVII mirror itself would be correct for my 1951 OTS the difference is the stem length. It seems the XK120 mirror has the longer stem. That said, as you say likely very few people would note it wasn’t correct.

How much di you want for the Mk 7 mirror (top 2 pics bottom left)?

hi are any of theses mirrors still available im interested in the one top left please ,is it possible to have some photos sent to me
thanks andrew

Yes, the one you want is available

I will send you a Private Message, which will show up as a green circle with 1 in it, next to your green circle M icon on the top right of the screen