[CANCELLED] 15 Cheney hose clamps

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Description:15 original Cheney hose clamps 2- 2 1/2” 2- 2 1/4” 3-2”
2- 1 1/4” 2- 1”. 4- 3/4”

Asking price (if selling):blush: 300 or best offer

Location:Holtsville ny

Contact information: Scott6109@aol.com

Cost of shipping (if selling):buyer pays shipping

Willing to ship worldwide?yesProcessing: 06521058-B74C-4B1B-AC04-7F4467B3FF3A.jpeg…

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You hit „send“ too fast! Picture didn’t make it.

I do not understand the smiley face. Is the 300 an actual serious price or are you making a joke?

Sorry don’t know how the smiley face got Inthere.You think the price is too high ? Guess I should have included obo what do you think they’re worth ?

300/15=20 each, if they’re in good condition I‘ve seen them listed for more? Let’s say it’s on the high side but not a joke depending on how good they are.

That’s how I figured it 15 clamps $ 20 each their in good condition

No, I think you have the right to list them at whatever price you choose and let the buyer decide. I suspect you will need to post pictures at that price. I was not being snarky, just unsure about the meaning. You should be able to edit the ad and remove the smiley.

Do you have any photos - the links you list don’t work - at least for me…
My interest is exactly what age these CHENEY clamps are, as there was at least five different designs over the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s - and thus interest or not accordingly, given their value is dependent on whether suitable for a particular model of Jaguar or not…