[CANCELLED] 1964 3.8 FHC , road ready

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Matching numbers? You’re kidding, right? these aren’t '69 Camaros where you need to see if it was ordered with hide away lights. The 3.8 is an E-Type engine, it has a Moss box and I made an attempt to use only the best parts.
Easier to say what wear parts aren’t new:
Bearings inside diff and trans are original. All other bearings, seals, etc. are new.
Despite all new parts there is a front engine oil leak which is a bit more than what would be considered “normal”, but hardly a deal breaker. As you know, these can be hard to fix, so I’d like to state it is there.
Will only sell to someone who inspects it in person - I mean this, so no overseas stuff.
Of course have restoration photos.
Located in S.E. Wisconsin. Pre season listing. I know club guys normally don’t pay high retail, so this is more a listing for guys who “know someone” who is looking for a turn key event car, as it probably has more new parts than most. Body was dipped, not blasted.
$105 000,.
At this higher price more questions will be in order. Includes Series II bonnet (a GOOD one). Also some interesting odds and ends parts, typical literature. In the family for over 30 years, but not really a relevant point. Body had maybe 42k on it, but also not relevant.
Please don’t give my e-mail to random dealers and shady types. Club members may expect some price flexibility, as the transaction would likely be cleaner.
Best to reply through ‘Jag Lovers’ for initial contact.

Nice FHC! Do you have pictures of the front and back? It looks like you’ve eliminated the front bumper and the rear overriders.

I do have quite a few pics of the restoration, but few of the complete car, oddly enough.

Obviously I can get better, current photos. We didn’t plan on selling the car and since it’s just done last Sep. we haven’t taken beauty shots yet! Those taken with a cell phone wide angle aren’t in correct proportion. I think the front pic will enlarge.
Anyone with real interest will get plenty of photos, but winter storage means a slight trouble on my part as it is now pinned in by our 928 with the timing belt off. Not the best shot, but something in the meantime.