[CANCELLED] 1978 XJ6L Fuel Injected with manual T5 5-speed gearbox - reduced


After 16 years, I have decided it is time to let somebody else have a go. I am selling my 1978 XJ6L which has a BW/Tremec T5 World Class 5 speed manual gearbox. The manual gearbox completely transforms an XJ6 making it much livelier but no less refined. The full torque of the XK engine is available to the driver. I have part numbers for the conversion pieces used if they ever need replacement.

The car is a US model with L-jetronic fuel injection. It had extensive rust repairs as well as the T5 fitted sometime before my ownership. New metal was fitted to the sills, lower body and lower doors. There is no rust that I am aware of except surface rust on some of the underside components. Originally silver with a black interior, I had the car resprayed in 2007 in a gorgeous Lexus red. It is not a perfect paint job but fine for what I wanted and has lots of shine. It looks great from 10 feet away or more. It is marred slightly by a 1.5" repair I did on the bonnet that could benefit from professional attention but which I have just got used to. Chrome is good except rear bumper which shows wear. I have fitted used S3 Doeskin seats including rear headrests. The rear seat is very good. The passenger seat is slightly worn but the driver seat bottom cushion shows wear but no tears. A redye would be a good idea. I replaced the headliner a couple of years ago. The dashboard wood was replaced and is good. There are some cracks in the varnish on the glove compartment. The door cards and cantrails are non-standard. They were done by a restoration shop at the time of the repaint and could be returned to standard but I like the look. I do have spare S3 door cards that can be adapted to fit and S2 cantrails that can go with the car but they would need recovering or colouring. Locks, windows, heating (except centre dash vent which is stuck open), lights, original radio/8 track player, etc. all work.
Frankly, this is a car with a very solid body under a not-perfect paint job and a slightly non-standard interior but has a strong engine that runs perfectly and a gearbox to let you take full advantage of it. I drive it regularly and get many admiring comments. At shows, the manual gearbox raises lots of questions about performance. In my years of ownership I have done the following:

New springs
New shock absorbers
New injectors
Reconditioned radiator
New water pump and thermostat
New hoses
New clutch
New master cylinder
New brake pads all round
Gear reduction starter
New fuel changeover and return valves
New heater water valve
New seat belts
New engine and transmission mounts
New front and rear subframe mounts
New anti-roll bar bushings
New AC compressor, receiver drier, hoses and expansion valve. Converted to R134 but now has a slow leak.
New Delanaire amplifier
Magnecor HT wires
1974 model year bumper and Euro turn signal/sidelights (original 1978 parts will be included if buyer wants them)
New lower grille
7" headlamp conversion
Chrome instrument rings in place of black
Stakedown kit fitted to the exhaust valves
4 Michelin Defender tyres 215/70R15

Engine compression per cylinder - 1 140, 2 150, 3 150, 4 140, 5 140, 6 150

The odometer reads 8979 but I believe it has rolled over once before I owned the car. It has a clear Florida title.

The manual gearbox conversion alone would probably cost $5000 but this car has all that work done, is dependable, thoroughly sorted, rust-free and a joy to drive.

Inspections, paperwork and shipping at buyer expense.

Asking price (if selling): $8000US or best offer.

Location: Near Orlando, Florida

Contact information: Send me a Message on here.

Cost of shipping (if selling): at buyer’s cost

Willing to ship worldwide? Possibly

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.

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Damn good that thing is nearly 3000 miles away!

I need this sold.


If you get no takers soon you should try the Bring a Trailer auction site. Check out their website at: Bringatrailer.com

I have no affiliation with BaT other than as a satisfied customer.


Thanks, Paul. I have contacted them and await their reply.


Here is a link to the Bring a Trailer (BaT) auction for my former 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas that I ran last year about this time:

BaT reaches a wide audience of car enthusiasts and has some unique features. The bidding did not meet my BaT reserve, but one of the high bidders contacted me after the auction closed and we reached an agreement on a suitable price. The new owner had the car picked up in early January 2020 and I remain very pleased with the overall BaT experience.

Please send me a PM if you need any advice or help with a BaT auction.



I don’t need this car. I don’t need this car. I don’t need this car. I don’t need this car.I don’t need this car.


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Doug expresses my sentiments exactly!

“I don’t need this car. I don’t need this car. I don’t need this car. I don’t need this car.I don’t need this car.”
And I need to add:
“I won’t bid on it. I won’t bid on it. I won’t bid on it. I won’t bid on it. I won’t bid on it. I won’t bid on it. I won’t bid on it. I won’t bid on it.”
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It’s good it’s 3000 miles away from me. It’s good it’s 3000 miles away from me.


I could deliver it. :slight_smile:


@Doug_Dwyer is closer…:wink:

Last bump. Going on Bringatrailer soon.


Hello David,

I love the XJ6 that you’ve modified with the T5 manual transmission. Did you end up selling the car on BaT? I have not noticed it there. If not, is the car still for sale?

I had a 1971 XJ6 that I modified with a SIII fuel injected engine and GM T400 overdrive transmission. It was a lovely driver. ended up selling, but love yours!

Thanks. I love it but it’s time for a change. It’s still for sale here but BaT is lined up ready to appear any time now. Send me a message if you are interested.


Now on Bring A Trailer here: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-jaguar-xj6l-5/

I cannot edit the listing here to show this in the title!