[CANCELLED] E-type A/C evaporator

Description: Want to buy a series 1 or 2 A/C evaporator with louver housing. Broken louvers are OK.

Location: Detroit Area

Contact information:

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Can you give me more details about what you need for the AC

Hi Robert,
I am looking to the entire under dash A/C assembly for LHD E-type. Here is a picture from the web of one installed

I have s series 2 roadster with air that I have removed all the air condition parts from including the evaporator and compressor etc. I know some of the lovers are broken. Let me look at what I have and get back to you. By the way I am in Ann Arbor. Where are you?

Hi Robert,
I’m not far from you, I’m in Farmington.
Please let me know what you have an how much you want for it.

I will take a picture of it and send it to you this afternoon. Farmington is close. What Jaguar do you have?

Hi Bob… Here are several photos of the AC evaporator. You can see several broken louvers. I also have the compressor and the engine bracket to hold the compressor.

Hi Bob,

I noticed the OP in the attached, current thread says he just removed an evaporator:

By the way, the unit in your photo is a Classic (Retro) Auto Air item…bigger vents and supposedly more efficient core. Also has the chrome accents on the vents…

Regards, Eric

I also have all the parts for a S2 if someone needs them

Hi Rob
Any change you still have the original alternator/compressor bracket that you would want to sell?

Hi Richard,

I do have the mounting bracket for the compressor. I also have the original compressor. They are both quite heavy.


Would you be interested in selling the bracket?

Hi Richard,

I would be interested in selling the bracket. Hard to say a price. What would you think a fair price would be? I will take a couple of photos and send them for you to see how it might be mounted. You need to also mount the alternator in front facing the engine and I do not have that mount.

The compressor mounting is quite heavy. Where do you live since shipping would be necessary.





I have attached several photos showing the bracket. If you are interested I would sell it for $200 plus shipping. Let me know


That picture appears to be of a sIII.

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The First picture is indeed a Classic/Retro Auto Air series I/II evaporator assy, as pointed out by 64etype. The second set of pictures are of a Jaguar Series II evaporator assy.